It’s a Gray Morning Here

This morning it is foggy and gray outside.  Yesterday afternoon’s beautiful, warm, sunny skies devolved into a late day cold rain that stretched into a good bit of the night.  It’s supposed to be sunny and high 60s today, but move into 50s and rainy over the weekend.  It’s that time of year when our weather can jump and scatter wildly, and with the zig zags in temperatures, tis also the season for colds.

For those of you who want to stay in touch with WFU, there is a new “Wake Forest Campus Life” app available in the Apple store.  Your student (or you!) can download the app, and it will help you stay in touch on the go.  I also am very pleased at the new DEACademics blog, which is out of the Dean’s office and has some great student-0riented advice.  My colleague Maria Henson (’82) writes the Deacon Blog, another treasure.  Finally, for those of you who have discovered our blog but aren’t familiar with Wake Forest Parents on Facebook, I invite you to check us out there as well.

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