It’s here, folks.  Finals.  Which can be the most pressure-filled time of year for your students.  A lot of that pressure is self-imposed of course, but they still feel it.  Need to study.  Need to do well.  Can’t disappoint my parents.  Need a good GPA.  Need to drive/fly home – and will the weather impact that?  Did I do my shopping for my family?  I am going to miss my friends.   I’m tired.  I’m weary.  It will feel weird to be home again after so much independence here.  Did I mention I’m tired? All of that inner monologue can be swimming around in various swirling currents in the minds of our students.

So what can you do in the next few days to help your student?

  • Talk to them.  Send them a message (whether live, IM, text etc.) to tell them you believe in them and that they can do it!
  • Remind them that finals will be OK.
  • Tell them to do their very best to prepare for their finals, give it their best shot, and let it go.
  • And I love this advice from Cathy from our WFU Parents Facebook page: “I also tell them no matter what happens, if you do your best but don’t perform as well as you expect, one test (or semester) will not define your life or what you are capable of….and I love them regardless”

When your kids are stressed out, they need those reminders that you are there for them and love them unconditionally.  Sometimes when students are in the trenches they forget how much the love and support of their family means.  They may not realize just how much it helps to hear it – until you tell them.  And they may never say thank you or tell you how much that means to them, but I can guarantee it means a lot.

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