Campus Is Pretty Empty

We’re reaching the end of Finals Week and campus is emptying out bit by bit.  I had the occasion to walk to a couple of meetings this morning, and my impression of campus is that it is a gray day, students seemed to be wearing clothes that were gray, black, blue – nothing too colorful or festive today – and everything was comfortable (jeans, sweats, etc.).  The students seemed to be wearing one of two expressions:  1) a grit-your-teeth expression as if to say “almost over – let’s get this done,” or 2) great release and peace that it’s all over.

In my journeys across campus this week, I’ve run into two students I am very fond of and have come to know well over the years.  And even though they were at the end of their respective set of finals, we found some time to chat and catch up with each other.  As we parted, I got a nice hug from both these young women and they wished me a very good holiday.  As I reflect on it, I find myself wondering how much this sort of thing happens at other, bigger schools.  We have the ability here as administrators and faculty to really get to know students if they choose to let us in, and when they do, it is a wonderful feeling.  It’s such a privilege to be able to share a part of our students’ lives and watch them grow.

So Deac families, as you talk with your kids during the winter break, ask them who their mentors or trusted friends are on campus.  If they don’t have any they can point to, talk to them about trying to develop some of those relationships next semester.  Could be with a faculty member, an advisor, an administrator, a counselor, or even an older peer.   As some of my colleagues here are fond of saying, you can’t walk 15 feet on this campus without finding someone who is willing to help you.   It would be a real shame if students leave here without finding a connection with someone who can serve as a sounding board, resource, trusted advisor, or just plain coffee buddy.

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