Halloween Weekend

It’s Halloween weekend – or almost, anyway – and typically this is a time on campus for a lot of fun. Chapel Hill is a popular destination to spend Halloween, so it is a safe bet that many a WF student will be making a short road trip east to take part of the festivities on Franklin Street.

If your student prefers to stay here on campus, there are Halloween themed events as well. Tonight, Student Union is hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner in Reynolda Hall, or your students can watch the spooky film “Wait Until Dark.”

Saturday night, the featured movie is the final installment in the Harry Potter series, or your students can go to the Masquerade Ball in the Magnolia Room (advertised as “spooky yet classy”).  Wonder what the popular costumes will be this year – will we see a lot of Katniss Everdeens on campus?

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