One of the Best Walks on Campus

It’s spring on campus and while it has perhaps been a little chillier than one might like these past few days, it’s still a lovely time of year. One of the experiences that students tend to enjoy is a walk through the path behind Winston Hall and the new Admissions and Welcome Center up to Reynolda Village.  It’s a winding path that goes through the woods, over a bridge to the former Lake Katherine (now more wetland than lake), and into the very beautiful Reynolda Gardens.

This is a wonderful place to study, to take an exercise walk, to hang out with friends, to watch the sun set.  And if your students want to take advantage of the magnificent historic house and art collection of Reynolda House, Museum of American Art, all they need is their student ID.

The long expanse of green in front of Reynolda House is a place where you find a lot of students on sunny afternoons and weekends.  Whether they are there to play Frisbee, study, or work on a tan, it’s a beautiful and peaceful spot.

If your student seems stressed out or needs a break, walking up here is a sure-fire way to lighten their mood.

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