Old Campus Tour and Traditions

Part of being a Demon Deacon is understanding our school’s history and traditions.  The Traditions Council is a student organization committed to preserving the traditions of Wake Forest and transmitting knowledge of our history to the current generation.  Parents, if you haven’t already read the online PDF of “The Little Black Book” – about the history and traditions of Wake Forest – you should.  When your student talks about Davis Beach or Rolling the Quad, you need to be fluent in the lingo.

The Traditions Council is offering students the chance to take a trip to the Old Campus, which is in the town of Wake Forest, NC.  Please encourage your students to take advantage of this opportunity.  The town of Wake Forest is a lovely place, and your students will marvel at how some of the architecture from the original campus has made its way here.  Binkley Chapel looks a good deal like Wait Chapel, though on a smaller scale.  The brick buildings and beautiful landscaping are comparable.  And its a Wake Forest tradition to have a hot dog in the original Shorty’s, which had been the campus hangout for generations of those from the Old Campus.

The trip to the Old Campus is April 16th and is free.  Tell your students to make a trek to the homeland.