Ahh, Springtime

When young men’s fancy turns to – egg shells.  Yes, every year about this time, there are dozens of eggs splattered on the Quad.  I don’t know why, it just happens that way.  Must be some sort of student group pulling a prank.

So from the eggshell Quad, I walked on down to the library for the morning Starbucks, only to find they are pressure washing the front of the building.  Went into the library from the East (Tribble/Benson) side door, and lo and behold I finally saw the finished murals that students had created for this entrance.  Sometimes when you take the unexpected path, you find something grand you’d never seen before.  I snapped a few pictures of their artwork – it’s below.  Next time you are on campus and dying for a Starbucks, take the side door and take some time to admire these very interesting murals.

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