Springfest Is Coming!

One of the long-held traditions on campus is Springfest.  It is a week-long celebration and includes a variety of events which range from the ever-popular Battle of the Bands to Student Government’s Carnival to Shag on the Mag, a campus-wide semi-formal dance.  Shag on the Mag brings a huge turnout.

For those unfamiliar with the term “shag,” its a type of dance that is typical to the coastal regions of the South.  It’s about beach music and dancing as couples, a la the old days of swing and the lindy, but with a beachy attitude.  Wikipedia discusses shag dancing online.  This a wonderful campus event – gets the students outside in a tent on our beautiful Manchester (Mag) Quad, everyone dresses up and has a great night with live music.

Springfest will occur from March 21-26.  The Springfest poster, shown here, has a full list of activities – from free ice cream to an outdoor movie to music and more.  This will be a great week for your students to have a lot of fun and a wide range of on-campus activities to choose from.

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