Electronic Ride Board for Students

Parents, do you remember the old “ride board” at your college?  A big map of the US where you could post your name and phone number and where you were hoping to drive/be driven, and then your fellow classmates could contact you to talk about it?  Well, in the modern collegiate age of Facebook and Text or Instant Messages, students don’t use the ride board the way they used to – in fact, a physical ride board hasn’t existed here for several years.  However, thanks to some input from a member of our Parents’ Council (who had heard lots of questions from freshmen families in her area), we have an electronic solution for your students.  If they are not aware of this service, please pass it on to them.

Ride Share has been created on the WakeSync website.  To take part in this service, students must log in to the WakeSync website using their WFU ID and password. 

Once logged in, they will click on the Join an Org tab and search for Ride Share.

Students will then choose to join the Ride Share group.  Once they are part of Ride Share, they can go to the Communications Tab on the left.  There is a Discussions section, and they have divided into Regions – NC, Southeast, Northeast, Midwest & Airports – to help facilitate connections between students.

Many thanks to our colleagues in Student Life who made this possible, and for the parents who advocated for it!  We hope this is a helpful tool for students!

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