Being Green at the Old Gold and Black

There’s a new article online entitled “Thoughtful About Food,” which is about how we are trying to take food waste and recycle it for other purposes.  Here’s a brief excerpt:

“Wake Forest’s Office of Sustainability is experimenting with ways to reduce food waste as part of the University’s overall efforts to lessen its environmental footprint. An organic waste recycling system that works as a dehydrator and offers a compostable solution for food waste is one possible solution.

Approximately 1.2 tons of food waste accumulates daily on the Reynolda campus — much of which usually ends up in the landfill. But a pilot project launched this year is evaluating the benefits of a new dehydrator that allows food waste to be reused. Though dehydrating food waste is more common in Europe and Asia where most industrial countries actively seek landfill alternatives, Wake Forest is the first in the nation to test this technology on a college campus.”  Read the full article here.

Sustainability and green issues are very important to many of today’s students. For students who wish to get involved with sustainability efforts on campus, they can visit the Office of Sustainability’s web site. There are internships available in the office, a sustainability blog, service projects such as recycling at games and tailgates, a Student Environemental Action Coalition, and more.

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