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Influenza – “the Flu”

The Student Health Service asked that parents receive the following information about influenza (“the flu”).


Winter has hit the campus at Wake Forest and so has the flu. Influenza is common to occur in the winter months and is spread more readily with the close contact that occurs when students stay indoors to keep warm.

Student Health Service is recommending that students who have not yet received a flu vaccine to do so now. It is not too late to receive this vaccine which is the best protection against contracting this virus. Flu shots are available in Student Health Service without an appointment Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM (Tuesdays 10 AM- 4 PM).

Students who have symptoms of the flu should not attend classes until their symptoms have improved and they have been free of fever for 24 hours. Appointments are available in Student Health Service for students who are ill and need care from a medical provider. Frequently asked questions about the flu and specific information about resources on campus is available on our website.

May Closing of Poteat and Huffman Residence Halls

Residence Life and Housing sent the following email to residents of Poteat and Huffman residence halls.


Dear Poteat and Huffman Hall Residents –

Welcome back and we hope you enjoyed the holiday break!

This message has some very important information regarding the spring 2016 closing process. Please read it carefully. Work on Poteat and Huffman Hall improvements are set to begin on May 7, 2016, which means the building will close on May 6, 2016.

If you do not need housing beyond May 6, 2016 at 7:00 PM

Please be sure to follow all instructions regarding our closing process provided by your Hall Staff, check out of your room in Poteat or Huffman Halls, and turn in your keys prior to 7:00 PM on Friday, May 6, 2016.

In order for us to plan accordingly, we would ask that you please email Zach Blackmon, Residence Life Coordinator, at by April 29 if you do not need housing beyond May 6 at 7:00 PM.

If you need housing after May 6, 2016

If you will need to be on campus beyond May 6, you will need to move to interim housing located in Babcock Hall. Please be sure that you complete the 2016 Interim Housing Request, which will be available starting March 4, 2016, through WIN by visiting WIN> Virtual Campus> Residence Life and Housing by May 2 at 8:00 AM.

Additional information will be sent in the coming weeks to seniors and others officially involved in commencement regarding your transition.

As these dates get closer, we will send you further communication regarding check-in and check-out for your interim housing room.

Prior to May 6, you should follow all instructions provided by your Hall Staff regarding our closing process. You will need to check out of your current assignment in Poteat or Huffman Halls and turn in your keys prior to 7:00 PM on Friday, May 6.

Please let us know if you have any questions. You may contact us at or 336-758-5185.

Thank you,

Wake Forest University
Residence Life and Housing


Policy on Electronic Skateboards and Similar Equipment

Residence Life and Housing has shared the following information, which has been communicated to resident students on campus.


Dear Residents,

After consultation with our various partners here at Wake Forest, Residence Life and Housing has made the decision to prohibit the use, possession or storage of electronic skateboards including self-balancing boards/scooters and other similar equipment in all University owned or leased residence halls, apartments, and houses. Any violation of this policy will result in automatic removal of the item, potential fines and/or student conduct referral.

It has been reported that, these devices’ batteries can burst into flame–especially while being charged–resulting in a metal fire that can burn with intense heat.  As a result, we are not willing to risk your safety nor the safety of our residential community.

Please keep this new information in mind as you travel back to campus from winter break, and leave any device in this category at home. Also, check your travel plans as a number of shipping companies, retailers, airlines, and others have banned these devices.

You can see the complete policy on page 18 of the Guide to Community Living.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this new policy.

We wish you a safe travels and a wonderful spring semester!

Residence Life and Housing

Wake Forest University



The Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation (CARE) Team serves the Wake Forest University community by evaluating and responding to disruptive, troubling, or threatening behaviors brought to the attention of the Team.  As a part of this work the Team also seeks to help identify members of the Wake Forest community who are in need of support, guidance, or other intervention and to refer them to appropriate campus and community resources.

The Wake Forest University Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation (CARE) Team facilitates the identification and management of behaviors which may disrupt or interfere with the day to day functions of the University.

The CARE Team is composed of representatives from throughout the University who have specific expertise and professional training in the assessment of, and intervention with, individuals who may present a threat to themselves and/or the University community.

The CARE Team serves to follow up with persons who display behaviors of concern and connect them with supportive resources as warranted. The CARE Team also educates the campus community about how to identify and promptly report concerning behaviors.

The CARE Team is empowered by the University President to make decisions and take appropriate action in fulfillment of its mission.  The Vice President for Campus Life provides administrative oversight for the Team.

Please see for more details and contact information.

January Dining Update

ARAMARK/Campus Dining has provided its January 2016 Dining Update. Please note the shift in hours of service on MLK Day.  There is also a Campus Dish website with information that can be helpful for students (or parents) who want to know more about menu choices, healthy options, and more.

Sorority Recruitment Information

The following message was sent to parents and families of women set to go through the sorority recruitment process in early January; this message was sent by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.


Dear Wake Forest University Parents/Guardians,

With spring semester just around the corner, I am writing to share information about the sorority recruitment process and answer some frequently asked questions. Let me begin by first expressing my excitement for your daughter as she goes through the process of exploring membership in a fraternal organization. This is a thrilling yet challenging process, and I wish the best for your daughter.

Sorority recruitment takes place January 7-11, 2016. The residence halls will open on Wednesday, January 6, 2016 at 9 am for women to move in early for the recruitment process. Later that evening, at 6:30 pm, participants will have dinner with their recruitment groups, followed by an opening assembly at 8 pm. Four days of events will then follow, running Thursday through Sunday with bid distribution on Monday, January 11, 2016. Traveling significant distances may require some women to arrive in Winston-Salem on January 5, 2016. If this applies to your daughter, please note that she will need to secure her own housing for the night of January 5, 2016. If there are any concerns about travel, please contact me so we can discuss your specific situation. Additionally, it is important to note that our dining operations are limited during sorority recruitment. You can find the winter break dining hours on the WFU Campus Dish website.

In order to participate in recruitment, a woman must have a firm, minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA and must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours at Wake Forest University or her transferring institution. In an effort to be supportive of every student’s academic career and the academic mission of the institution, we will not consider exceptions to the GPA requirement. We checked all GPAs and alerted ineligible women last week via email. If your daughter is ineligible for recruitment, she will also receive a $30 refund which is a reimbursement for the early move in fee for the residence halls. Several chapters have made the decision to increase the minimum GPA requirement. Qualifying to participate in recruitment requires a 2.5 GPA, however, six of the chapters’ minimum GPA’s range from a 2.55-2.8. If your daughter is below any of the individual chapter GPA requirements, she would likely not receive consideration in those sororities for membership.

While recommendation letters are not required at Wake Forest, some women choose to send them to one or more chapters. If you are interested in sending in a recommendation, please visit the recommendation letter page on the Fraternity and Sorority Life website.

The recruitment process is successful for the majority of women who participate. However, it is important to recognize that your daughter is exploring membership in organizations that are selective and looking for women they feel best fit their experience. In spring 2015, 439 women participated in sorority recruitment. 88% matched with a chapter, 8% withdrew themselves from the process (although they were still receiving invitations from one or more sororities) and 4% did not match with a chapter.

The recruitment process can be an exciting, yet emotional time for many women. We urge every participant to keep an open mind throughout the process, and we appreciate the emotional support and stability you can provide as a family member. Some of the women that withdraw from sorority recruitment midstream later regret their decision. You can help us by encouraging your daughter to see the process to completion. Not every woman will be invited back to her top sororities, but that doesn’t mean she cannot find great friends and sisterhood in the remaining groups. We often hear students that withdrew from the process reflect that they wished they had been more open-minded to the options available to them.

While we feel there is a chapter for everyone, our statistics show that 1 out of every 8 women does not have their expectations met. Therefore, it can be beneficial to discuss a plan in case your daughter experiences disappointment. Coaching your daughter to develop an alternative plan for campus engagement will help her build resiliency if the plan needs to be enacted. Asking questions such as “what areas of interest do you have at Wake?” and “what makes Wake feel like home?” can be good to start the coaching process. Often women develop their alternative plan around future sororityrecruitment opportunities. For the fall, a few sororities may have membership spots available. We will know which have these openings by summertime. Spring 2017 recruitment is also an option as upperclassmen will be considered separately from freshmen. Furthermore, we have over 150 student organizations to get involved in as well as a myriad of campus activities, committees and more.

There are several important resources for your daughter during and after sororityrecruitment. One of these is her Greek Recruitment Counselor (GRC). These undergraduate women serve as advisors to potential new members. These women are selected through an application process and receive extensive training in order to serve as an advisor for your daughter. Training begins the semester before recruitment and includes education about recruitment policies and procedures, as well information from the University Counseling Center and Mentoring Center. If a woman is upset or disappointed after recruitment, we encourage her to consult with her GRC who has been trained to help students manage a range of reactions they may experience. GRCs are knowledgeable about campus resources that may be helpful to your student.

Additionally, our Residence Life staff, Women’s Center staff and faculty fellows are aware of which residents are participating in the process and will also receive updates when women are no longer participating in the process. If your daughter chooses to withdraw from sorority recruitment or is not matched to an organization, one of these community members will be in contact with her to offer the support of Wake Forest.

Finally, we will host two webinars in January for our parents of students interested in fraternities and sororities. These webinars will discuss the process for joining fraternities and sororities and explain new member education. For those unable to join us for the webinars, it will be posted on our website afterward:

We encourage you to review the resources on the Wake Forest University Fraternityand Sorority Life website, particularly the parent and recruitment pages. Additionally, the Wake Forest Parents Page has fantastic resources, including Information for First Year Parents, Greek Life Questions and Answers and SororityRecruitment Q&A. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the recruitment process, the sorority community or student organizations in general. We are here to help as much as possible.


Elizabeth (Betsy) Adams
Director, Fraternity & Sorority Life

Transportation Options

The following information was provided by the Office of Sustainability.


Is your student thinking about bringing a personal vehicle to campus next semester? Before purchasing a parking pass, review all of the alternative options available to our students.

Car Sharing
Zipcars are an affordable option that are available by the hour or by the day. During the academic year, cars are parked in multiple locations on campus, adjacent to residence halls. They are available 24 hours a day; rates include gas and insurance. For more information or to join the network, visit 

Ride Sharing
WFU’s private ride-sharing board, Zimride, helps students connect with others who are traveling to the same destination or just in the same direction. Ride matches are made between members of the WFU community based on the criteria set by the individuals offering and seeking ride-share partners. Go to to learn more about this private campus portal. 

Bike Sharing
Re-Cycle is Wake Forest’s free bike-sharing program. Students can borrow bikes for short-term or semester-long use. For more information about the program, visit

Wake Forest operates several private shuttle lines. The Gold and Black shuttle lines serve the commuting needs of many students who live in apartment complexes within two miles of campus. Additional shuttles run to other WFU campuses including the WFU Baptist Medical Center and Innovation Quarter. A third shuttle line takes students to and from area shopping malls, grocery stores, and popular big box destinations like Target. Learn more about the Ride the Wake shuttle routes at

Winter Break Off-Campus Residence Safety Information

Residence Life and Housing and University Police have emailed the following information to students living in off-campus residences.

Please consult the Winter Break and Burglary Information PDF for information about how your off-campus student can be aware of important safety tips and resources.

Campus Walkway to Reynolda Village to be Closed Part of December for Repairs

The paved walkway leading from the University to Reynolda Village will be closed during part of December due to construction projects along the path.  The often-used walkway begins on campus just off Faculty Drive, next to Parking Lot S, and winds through a wooded area before reaching Reynolda Village.

Erosion repair projects will be taking place between approximately Dec. 14 to Dec. 23 at two locations.  The largest will occur at the bridge at Lake Katharine, where the dam is also located.  Another project will be at the small bridge that crosses a creek closer to campus.

The exact dates of the project’s duration may be revised due to weather.

Campus Memorial Service Postponed for Jordan Bayer

The campus memorial service for Jordan Bayer has been postponed until next semester, University Chaplain Tim Auman announced today.  The decision to postpone the service was made in consultation with Jordan’s family.  In addition, a number of Jordan’s friends are studying abroad this semester and would have been unable to attend the campus service originally scheduled to be held on December 3.

The University will announce a new date for a campus memorial service in the spring semester after further consultation with Jordan’s family.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations