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Message Regarding Off-Campus Break-ins

Communications and External Relations has sent the following message to the campus community.


Recent off-campus break-ins at students’ residences have prompted increased patrols by the Winston-Salem Police Department and extra attention by University Police to the area immediately adjacent to the University.

Electronic items—such as televisions, laptops and gaming systems—were stolen in the break-ins near the University.  One break-in occurred on Polo Road, between campus and Reynolda Road, while another occurred on Palm Drive, off University Parkway.  The incidents occurred Dec. 16 at privately owned houses rented to students off campus.

No one was home when the break-ins occurred.

Because the thefts occurred off campus, the Winston-Salem Police Department is investigating.  The University Police Department is assisting.

Anyone with information that might assist in the investigations is encouraged to contact the Winton-Salem Police Department at 336-773-7700.

Before winter break began, the University Police Department distributed crime prevention tips to off-campus students.  The department encourages students not to leave portable valuables—such as computers and other electronics—at off-campus houses during the winter break. Police also recommended that students record the model and serial number of valuables that would not be removed during break and record that information online at a website established by the department.  Police offered to assist students with locating identifying numbers, if needed.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

January Sorority Recruitment Information

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life has emailed the following information to parents and guardians of young women going through sorority recruitment in January 2014.  Please see the 2014 Sorority Recruitment Parent Letter  and the Dining Options for Recruitment 2014 for information about the recruitment process and dining options while on campus.

Power Outage Planned for December 21

This message is sent on behalf of Facilities & Campus Services:

A power outage is planned at Wake Forest for the Reynolda Campus and University Corporate Center (UCC) on Saturday, Dec. 21.

Power to the campus and UCC will be shut down at about 8 a.m. so that necessary repairs may be made to the Cherry Street substation near campus and other facilities.

By about 1 p.m., power will be returned to most of the campus. The plan is to restore power to all of campus and to UCC by 7 p.m.

Facilities & Campus Services makes the following recommendations for that day:

– Please have all servers powered down (if not on backup power sources) by 7 a.m.

– Please shut down any servers that are not necessary by 7 a.m.

– Shut down desktop and laptop computers unless instructed otherwise by Information Systems or administrative staff. If your computer, speakers, phone charger, etc., are all on one power strip, turn off the power strip after shutting down your computer.

– If possible, unplug nonessential equipment such as copiers, fax machines, printers, scanners, and chargers.

– If possible, unplug all appliances, including coffee makers, microwaves, televisions, and radios (do not unplug refrigerators).

– Turn off office lights and as much public lighting as possible in hallways, bathrooms, break rooms, and conference rooms.

– If you experience any issues or problems during the outage, please contact Ed Bullington at 240-0033 or the Utilities Operation Center at 758-4747.

– If you need notification when the power is restored, please contact Ed Bullington at 240-0033 or

– If you have special needs during the outage, please contact Ed Bullington at 240-0033 or


Facilities and Campus Services apologizes for any convenience caused by the maintenance.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations



Wake Forest to Name New Football Coach

The following message is sent on behalf of Ron Wellman, Director of Athletics, to students, faculty and staff:

Today we will introduce Dave Clawson as our new football coach.  Dave is a proven winner and leader and has had great success at every institution he has coached.  Dave has rebuilt every program that he has coached and has led each institution to a conference championship.  He has developed a national reputation as a builder of programs.

Dave has spent the last five years coaching at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.  Last Friday he guided the Falcons to the Mid-American Conference championship when his team beat No. 16 Northern Illinois.

Dave has also served as the head coach at Fordham and the University of Richmond, winning conference championships at both schools and earning numerous Coach of the Year Awards.  He was the national coach of the year at both Richmond and Fordham.

Dave’s expectations for our program and players are extremely high.  We have much to look forward to with his leadership of our program.

The University will hold a news conference this afternoon at 4:30 on the sixth floor of Deacon Tower followed by a question and answer session for our fans, students, Deacon Club members and members of the community at approximately 5 p.m., also on the sixth floor of Deacon Tower.  The question and answer session is open to the public.

We look forward to welcoming Dave, his wife Catherine, and their children Courtney and Eric, to Wake Forest University!

Go Deacs!

Ron Wellman

Deacon Greetings – Send an E-Card to Your Student

deacon greetingsThe Office of Parent Programs is pleased to offer Deacon Greetings, an e-card service for Wake Forest families to use to send greetings to your Deac. Tell your student good luck, congratulations, thinking of you, or love you.  Your e-card will be delivered to the email address you provide for your student.

There’s never a better time than Finals Week to send a message of love and support.  Send your e-card now.

Message from Penny Rue, Vice President for Campus Life

The following email was sent this afternoon to alumni of the Delta-Omega Chapter of Kappa Sigma fraternity from Penny Rue, Vice President for Campus Life.


Dear Kappa Sigma Alumni,

I am writing to you to introduce myself and to let you know of important information about the status of Kappa Sigma fraternity at Wake Forest. My name is Penny Rue, and I am the vice president for campus life at Wake Forest, succeeding Ken Zick. I came to Wake Forest late this summer, and part of my area of responsibility is Greek Life.

The University learned in a letter dated Nov. 26 that Kappa Sigma Fraternity’s national leaders have opted to withdraw the charter of the Delta-Omega Chapter of the fraternity. In the letter, executive director Mitchell B. Wilson stated that the national committee took the action to withdraw the charter “for conduct unbecoming a Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity and for violation of the Code of Conduct by the Chapter and by individual members of the Chapter.”

This action was taken by the fraternity’s Supreme Executive Committee, and not Wake Forest. I know that there is a long and rich tradition of Greek Life on campus, and that Kappa Sigma has been a strong fraternity.

According to Wilson’s letter, national fraternity officials are willing to work to recolonize the chapter at Wake Forest after a suitable amount of time has passed. There is not a timeline for that, but we will work with them to help bring about this end.

Although I am new to Wake Forest and have not met very many Kappa Sigma alumni, I wanted you to know that I understand the important role that Kappa Sigma has played on our campus. I know Mic Wilson from my days at the University of Virginia, where Kappa Sigma was founded, and I pledge to work with the national organization to ensure the long-term success of Kappa Sigma at Wake Forest. I have an appreciation for not only Kappa Sigma’s traditions but also for Greek Life on campus.


Penny Rue
Vice President for Campus Life

Lovefeast to Be Livestreamed Sunday 8 PM

20121202lovefeast8853The Wake Forest Lovefeast is the largest Moravian-style lovefeast in North America and a favorite feature of WFU tradition. This year’s event is Sunday, Dec. 8, at 8 p.m. in Wait Chapel.

Watch a livestream of the event here:

The Lovefeast is sponsored by the University and celebrates one of the unique traditions of the Moravian community in Winston‑Salem. The Quad is lined with luminaries, the Chapel is adorned with Christmas decorations, the concert choir and Moravian band are featured, traditional Moravian coffee and buns are served, and beeswax candles are provided to all who attend.

At this year’s 49th lovefeast the speaker will be Wake Forest University Provost Rogan Kersh and the service will feature music from the University Concert, Flute, and Handbell Choirs as well as Don Armitage, University Organist.


University Addresses Reports of Mold

This semester, students in some areas of campus have contacted Residence Life and Housing or Facilities and Campus Services to report possible mold in their residence hall rooms.

Though mold spores can exist anywhere, are naturally present in the environment outdoors, and appear indoors for many reasons, our staff take every report seriously.  We respond to every incoming message and investigate each situation.

As part of our protocol, when mold is found, prompt steps are taken to remove it and provide information to the student that can help reduce the chances of its return.  The University has addressed mold issues in the past, including an extensive initiative this past summer, and will continue to do so when the need arises.  Wake Forest strives year-round to make the student residential experience a good one and our commitment in that regard will remain strong.

Earlier this semester, the University shared information with students in the residence halls where reports of mold have been most prevalent. The following Q and A is intended to share details with parents about how the University is responding.

Q. When did students start contacting the University about mold this fall?
A. Residence Life and Housing staff heard from some students not long after classes began.

Q. How has Wake Forest responded?
A. Wake Forest has several methods of responding to reports of mold growth, including:

  • A longtime mold management plan that outlines how the trained staff identify and treat areas of potential growth. Developed in conjunction with third-party industrial hygienists, all practices within the plan are in line with guidelines provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Training staff members in our Department of Environmental Health and Safety and Facilities and Campus Services departments to act as mold assessors.

  • Treating and cleaning affected areas using a product that is mold inhibiting.

  • Enlisting a third-party contractor highly regarded for its environmental services.  This contractor is working on campus  regularly this semester to assist the University in responding to verified mold reports.

Q. Is Wake Forest experiencing more issues with mold than in past years?
A. Recent incidences of mold indoors have been influenced by outdoor conditions, to some degree.  This region of the state has experienced extraordinary rainfall this year and that is likely a factor in increased mold reports.

Q. Has Wake Forest taken a look at how other schools address mold?
A. Yes. Wake Forest has been in contact with several universities and learned that our procedures are similar to theirs or, at times, exceed theirs.

Q. What happens when a student reports mold?
A. Staff members trained to identify and assess mold quickly and promptly check the area in question. If mold is found, the mold management plan is activated by Facilities and Campus Services immediately to promptly remove the mold, determine its potential source (generally moisture in the immediate area) and apply an inhibitor.

Q. Has the University informed students about how to report mold?
A. Yes. For instance, Residence Life and Housing sent an email to students in Bostwick and Johnson Halls informing them of reports of mold and advising them to contact the office immediately if they have reason to believe they have found mold. The message also included tips on reducing the likelihood of mold growth in their living areas.  They may email or

Q. Is mold an allergen?
A. Mold produces allergens, but like any other allergen, exposed individuals will respond differently. Some may have no reaction, others may experience hay fever-type symptoms, while others may experience more significant symptoms.

Q. Are there government regulations governing how the University must treat mold?
A. Mold is not regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or the EPA.  Mold is a natural byproduct of various conditions, often occurring in warm and moist environments where there is abundant vegetation such as trees, landscaping plants and ground coverings.  According to the EPA, mold cannot be totally eliminated in the environment unless extreme measures are taken constantly, as would be the case in a “clean room” laboratory.

Q. What might contribute to indoor mold growth, such as that found in some locations on campus?
A. Indoor sources for mold may be leaking pipes, standing water, damp clothing or towels and condensation in the area.  The University is equally concerned about finding the source of the mold as it is in cleaning the mold.  If mold can be prevented by taking certain steps, the University does so.

Q. What are some recommendations the University has made to students to reduce the likelihood of mold growth in their living area?
A. Some recommendations have included:

  • Do not open windows while heating or cooling units are operating. This causes condensation and may contribute to mold growth.

  • Do not leave wet or damp clothes, towels or shoes in closets. Set them out on a drying rack until completely dry.

  • Do not place potted plants or any other source of moisture on or around heating and cooling units.

Q. As winter approaches, is it possible that mold growth indoors will diminish?
A. Potentially, although it remains important that the University and those on campus be alert to mold and report it if seen indoors.  Those in residence halls are encouraged to email or  All others should contact Facilities and Campus services at or (336) 758-4255.

Men’s Fraternity Recruitment Dates

The dates for men’s fraternity recruitment have been announced.  Dates are listed below.  For more information on the recruitment process, please see the Fraternity and Sorority Life website.


The men’s recruitment process starts after classes resume. The dates will be:

January 14 - Information Meeting

Jan. 15-16 - Formal Rush rotations on campus

Jan. 17-21 - Informal Rush events

Jan 23 - Bid Distribution/acceptance


December Dining Hours of Operation

ARAMARK has posted a dining update for the month of December.  Please be sure your student is aware of the information in the  December 2013 Dining Update.   Note: ARAMARK will soon update its winter hours of operation on