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Student Health Insurance Deadline – Action Needed

Earlier this week, the Student Insurance Program office emailed all students for whom we have not received proof of health insurance waivers (or enrollments in the Student Blue program).  Please ask your Wake Forest student to check his/her email (both Inbox and spam folder) to see if he/she received a notification about health insurance.

The Student Insurance office sent the message below out today (Friday, July 24) to parents of students with no recorded health insurance.  Parents and families, please check your Inbox and spam folder to see if this affects your household.  The email sent to parents is replicated below.


From: WFU Office of Student Insurance

Action needed – Your WFU Student’s Health Insurance Waiver Has Not Been Received

Dear Wake Forest Parents:

We hope your student is getting excited about moving to campus shortly. As you may know, all full-time Wake Forest students are required to have health insurance. All new and returning students must either enroll in the insurance program or request to waive enrollment if they carry comparable personal health insurance meeting the criteria set by WFU.

At this time, we have not received your student’s insurance decision to either waive or enroll in the Wake Forest Student Insurance Program (SIP) and wanted to bring this to your attention so you can take appropriate action.  (If you had waived or enrolled in coverage earlier this week, please disregard this message.)

Your student(s) will be automatically enrolled in the Student Blue insurance plan offered by Wake Forest if s/he does not complete a waiver by Monday, August 3, 2015 at 5pm. The insurance charge will remain on the student account and insurance ID cards will be mailed after August 10, 2015. If a decision is not entered for your student and automatic enrollment occurs, your student will be unable to waive or receive credit for the health insurance premium for fall 2015. 

INTEND TO WAIVE? Then please do so at this time by visiting You will need your current insurance ID card along with the student ID number to complete the waiver. Once you complete the waiver, you will receive a confirmation email from Blue Cross and the health insurance premium will be removed from the student account within 3-5 business days. Please be sure to check your junk/spam folder for an email from, and retain this email for your records. You may check the student account online through DEAC to confirm the waiver has been applied, and credit issued, as it will appear as “Health Ins. Premium Waiver” on the student account. If uncertainty remains, please contact our office for confirmation.

INTEND TO ENROLL? Please enroll now at, and pay the appropriate premium on DEAC (Deacon Electronic Account Center), so you can ensure your student will not have a hold on his/her account. Merely paying the student bill with the insurance charge DOES NOT automatically activate SIP coverage; you must complete the online form. ID cards will be delivered via US postal service 7-10 days following enrollment. Failure to enroll online will delay coverage activation and receipt of ID cards until after the August 3 deadline.

The Student Insurance Plan (SIP) is administered by BCBS of North Carolina. A full plan detail, rates, a schedule of benefits, dependent enrollment information and more information is available at The University also provides a very informative site about the plan at
Should you have questions or comments, please contact the Student Insurance Program staff at or 336.758.4247.


WFU Student Insurance Program
PO Box 7312
Winston-Salem, NC 27109
Phone: 336-758-4247
Fax: 336-758-4227

Taylor Residence Hall will be site for police training on July 24

The following message was sent to the campus community on July 23 from Communications and External Relations.


On July 24, Taylor Residence Hall will be the location for a joint training exercise by the University Police Department and the Winston-Salem Police Department.  A similar training event occurred recently in Poteat Residence Hall.

Uniformed, armed police officers will participate in the exercise that will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Taylor Residence Hall.  The officers will be inside Taylor for much of the exercise, but they will be outside, occasionally.

At certain times, a firearm will be used to fire blanks inside the building as part of the training activity.  No live ammunition will be used.

The training will not interfere with normal campus activities on Hearn Plaza or elsewhere.

Anyone with questions about the exercise may call the University Police Department at 758-5591.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations


Parking Lot to Close July 20

The following message was sent to the campus community on July 16 by Communications and External Relations.


A parking lot will be closed next week to make room for a new residence hall to be built on that location.  Part of an adjacent lot will be closed, too.

On July 20, Lot H will be closed.  It is located at the intersection of Jasper Memory Lane and Wingate Road.  A portion of Lot J, next to Lot H, will be closed, also, to make room for the new residence hall.

Both lots are near Collins Residence Hall.  Due to the construction, access to Lot J, which is behind Collins and South Residence Halls, will be limited to a driveway just west of South Residence Hall.  Access to Lot J will no longer be available from a driveway on the east side of Collins Residence Hall.

University, City Police Plan Training Exercises for Campus in July

From Inside WFU:

On July 17 and 24, the University Police Department and the Winston-Salem Police Department will conduct a joint training session in the Hearn Plaza area on responding to an “active shooter” report on campus.

Uniformed, armed police officers will participate in the training exercise that will take place at Poteat Residence Hall on July 17 and Taylor Residence Hall on July 24.

On each occasion, the training will not interfere with normal campus activities on Hearn Plaza or elsewhere, although those residence halls will be reserved entirely for the exercise.

“We expect about 30 law enforcement officers to participate in the training on each date,” said University emergency manager August Vernon, “The exercise is intended to prepare them for how to respond most effectively to a situation in which an armed person has been firing a weapon on campus.”

While officers will be armed, no weapons will be fired at any time, said Vernon, who is helping organize the exercise.

He expects the officers to be training inside the buildings, primarily, but they will be outside on occasion.

Police vehicles will be parked nearby.

On each date, the training exercise will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Anyone with questions in advance of the exercise may call August Vernon at 758-3377. During the exercise, calls may be made to the University Police Department at 758-5591.

Indecent Exposure Reported

The following message was sent to all students, faculty, and staff on the afternoon of Saturday, July 11.


A woman reported to University Police today that she saw a man exposing himself as she walked on the paved path that leads from campus through a wooded area to Reynolda Village.  The paved path, known generally as the Reynolda Walking Trail, extends from Parking Lot S to the Village and other Reynolda areas.

The woman reported seeing an unidentified man at about 11:20 a.m. today with his t-shirt pulled up over his face while his pants were pulled down, exposing himself.  The man did not make any move toward the woman.  He was standing off the paved path, but nearby in a wooded area, clearly visible.

After seeing the man, she soon came across a Wake Forest student who called police for her on his cell phone to report the incident.

Police searched the area immediately, but did not locate the man.

Anyone with information that may assist in the investigation may call University Police at 758-5911 or 758-5591.  Information may also be shared with police online at

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

Move-In Parking Pass Is Available Online

Parents of new students must print out the 2015 New Student – Move-In Parking Pass  and display it on their car for Move-In (August 21st for new students).

Returning students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) should print the 2015 Returning Student – Move-In Parking Pass and display it on their car for Move-In (August 22-23 for returning students).

Wake Will Campaign Reaches Half-Billion Dollar Mark

The following message was emailed to all students, faculty, and staff on July 6th from President Hatch.


Dear Wake Forest Students, Faculty and Staff,

Two years earlier than projected, Wake Will: The Campaign for Wake Forest has surpassed the half-billion dollar mark in total campaign commitments.

The University received over $100 million in gifts and commitments between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015, following our public launch of the campaign in October 2013.

When we launched Wake Will: The Campaign for Wake Forest, we did so with great ambition and transformational dreams. You can read more about the impact of this tremendous milestone in a related WFU news story, in a Q&A with Campaign Director Jay Davenport on Inside WFU, and on the campaign website.

As we enter year three of Wake Will, I would like to thank our entire campus community for the time, energy and resources you have committed to advance the work of Wake Forest thus far. Your support of Wake Will has moved us closer to fulfilling our mission, and I look forward to continuing the work together.


Nathan O. Hatch

Temporary Road Closing on July 2

A portion of Carroll Weathers Drive will be closed from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. July 2, requiring a slight detour for campus drivers.  Carroll Weathers Drive runs past the side of Worrell Professional Center, as well as Alumni Hall before crossing Wake Forest Road and continuing past Farrell Hall.

Closed will be the section that runs directly alongside Worrell Professional Center where construction is underway.

Lot W1 and other area parking lots will remain open and accessible.

Construction company workers will be available to direct drivers.

Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

University Closed on Friday, July 3

Wake Forest University will be closed on Friday, July 3 in recognition of the Independence Day holiday.

If you have an urgent need to reach someone at the university because you have a concern that must be addressed quickly, we have designated the University Police as our 24/7 contact.  They can assess the situation and determine who best to address your concern. The 24-hour contact number for University Police is 336.758.5591 (non emergency) or 336.758.5911 (emergency). They can get in touch with on-call duty staff 24-hours/day.

Select Individuals Authorized to Access Academic Records

The following message was sent to all new students from the Office of the Registrar.  The instructions apply to rising sophomores through seniors as well.  If you wish to have access to your student’s grades but he or she has not yet granted that, your student can follow the steps outlined below.


You can grant others access to view certain pieces of your academic information in WIN. This is accomplished by you granting them “proxy access.”  The most common scenario is for a student to grant proxy access to a parent or parents; however, you can choose anyone who has an e-mail address.  By granting proxy access you are giving Wake Forest permission to share the selected information with that individual. This permission is necessary to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

You are completely in control the proxy/student relationship.  You can create proxy user accounts and assign access to very specific items in your record …such as your class schedule, holds and registration status, mid-term grades, final grades, and your academic transcript. You can decide at any time to discontinue an individual’s proxy access or discontinue that person’s access for a specific item. 

It is our experience that most new students decide to provide parents with access to their records.  To get started with setting up proxy access for those you select, first read the instructions at

​You can read more about Proxy Access at .  If you still have questions, email or call us at 336-758-7207.