College Colors Day - September 2nd

Following up on a post the Daily Deac did earlier this week about the Student Leaders Retreat and school spirit, the Parent Programs office received this email about wearing black and gold.  If …

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Student Leader Retreat

Yesterday there was a gathering of administrators and the leaders of student organizations.  They do a student leader retreat at least once a year and its a time to gather the students on campus …

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Reflections After Move In Weekend

It’s a beautiful morning on Wake Forest’s campus.  The sun is shining, it is going to be a pretty day, with a high of 85 degrees.  Not too hot, classes haven’t started yet, students have a …

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Last Minute Advice for Move In

Our newest Deac families are probably already en route to campus – or at the very least packing their bags and checking/rechecking the ‘to do’ list to make sure nothing is forgotten.  Now is …

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Move In - Part 3

There is a huge flurry of last minute activity as we prepare for the arrival of the first year students.  As the Parent Programs staff is busy preparing for Orientation activities, we thought …

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More from Move Ins Past

We continue to look ahead to Orientation and first year student arrivals this week by looking back at some of the best photos from the last few Move In Days.  Enjoy!

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Move In Retrospective

In preparation for Move In Day, we’re offering a retrospective of some of the Move Ins of days past.  New WFU families – this is what your first year students have to look forward to this week. …

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Welcome, New Fellows

A few years ago,  the Wake Forest Fellows Program was created to provide recent graduates a chance to work in higher administration in a year-long internship. Fellows are assigned to one of …

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Advice from New Student Receptions

At our New Student Receptions this summer, we shared information with parents and students about important deadlines, facts, and best practices for getting off to a great start.  Whether you …

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How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

Deac families, perhaps you are old enough to remember the first essay assignment at the beginning of a new elementary school year – “What I Did Over Summer Vacation.”  Well, a lot of us at Wake …

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