How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

Deac families, perhaps you are old enough to remember the first essay assignment at the beginning of a new elementary school year – “What I Did Over Summer Vacation.”  Well, a lot of us at Wake Forest spent the summer getting ready to welcome the students back to campus, and especially to welcome the newest Class of 2015.

In the Parent Programs office, one of the signature portions of our summer is to plan and host New Student Receptions, so that incoming first year students and their families have a chance to meet each other and make connections before school starts.  While we try to host them in as many areas in the country where we have a significant number of new Wake Foresters, we unfortunately cannot reach every state and every area.  Still, we had an impressive run this summer, and thought we’d share with you a few facts about how we spent our summer vacation, as it relates to these receptions.

Number of receptions hosted: 32

Number of new WFU families (students and/or parents) who registered to attend a reception: 580

Percentage of incoming students who registered to attend a reception: 47

Total number of people (including students, families, staff hosts, and alumni) who registered to attend a reception: 1,666

Number of Wake Forest staff members who attended a reception(s): 26

Total number of miles traveled by WFU staff to attend receptions (roundtrip): 45,176

Below is an illustration listing the cities where receptions were held, as well as the names of the WFU staff hosts who attended; click on the image to enlarge it.  Many thanks to all our hosts, all our new students and families, the current students who attended, and my colleagues who went to these receptions.

I’d say it’s been a pretty good summer.

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