Grief Resources

Loss, whether expected or unexpected, can feel overwhelming and affect all parts of our lives. Grieving is a very personal and individualized process, one which has no timeline. There is no right way to grieve.

The University Counseling Center has provided some grief support resources for students who are grieving, as well as parents and others who wish to support their student in his or her grief.

We encourage any student who is grieving or hurting to seek support. There are many resources on campus students can turn to for such support, including:

  • University Counseling Center – 118 Reynolda Hall, 336.758.5273
  • Chaplain’s Office – 22 Reynolda Hall, 336.758.5210

RA (Resident Adviser) or the Graduate Hall Director or other professional staff in their residence hall trusted adult mentors (advisers, faculty, etc.)