Summer Storage Options

Many families have begun asking about storage facilities that their students can use to store belongings over the summer, as well as shipping companies to send things home.

Below is a list of vendors suggested by Residence Life and Housing for summer 2018.

Here is some information from Residence Life and Housing about shipping and storage options for the summer.

Note that Residence Life and Housing does not endorse outside vendors (local or otherwise) for liability reasons – but that does not mean students can’t use the storage place of their choice.


There are 2 student-run storage companies that have been approved by the University.

University Storage Solutions



phone:   336-609-2332

Storage Scholars 



phone:    336-904-3609


University Mail Services

Packing supplies are available from the University Post Office in Benson University Center. Students may ship their belongings home using USPS, FedEx Ground, and UPS. You may be able to arrange for them to pick up your student’s boxes and ship them home for you. Please contact them at 336-758-5281 for more information.


We no longer include a list of local storage companies or vendors. If searching for one online, please use the zip code 27106 to find something close by. We always suggest students take home valuables or items that can’t be replaced.

We do not give residence hall access to outside vendors. If a student contracts with someone outside the University who is picking up their belongings, the student must be present to escort them into the building and stay with them while they are there. The same goes for deliveries in the fall.


To contact the Office of Family Engagement, please visit our contact page.

If Your Student Has a Problem

One of the best ways parents/families can help their students is to let them solve their own problems. Use the Stop, Drop, and Roll method when your student contacts you with a problem.  The flyer also lists contact information for serious concerns where family intervention might be appropriate.

Orientation 2019 slide shows

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