Spring 2021 Rental Textbook Check-In Procedures

Spring 2021 Rental Books are due May 17, 2021. Please note the following instructions for rental textbook return:

Returning books in person:

At this current time, the Bookstore Does NOT have any drop boxes for rental book returns around campus. You must return them to the Bookstore in Taylor Hall.

It is preferred that students check in all Rental books prior to leaving campus for Summer Break (return them to the Bookstore in Taylor Hall. This is free and no shipping costs involved).

If you are studying remotely or if you take your rental books home:

You are still responsible for returning your rental books by the May 17, 2021 due date. (Student is responsible for paying for shipping charges).

You can Access, View, Update, Print your Rental booklist and Packing list here: bkstr.com/wakeforeststore/myaccount/signin?redirectTo=%2Fwakeforeststore%2fmyaccount%2Frentals

What items should be included within my shipment?

Your Name as it is listed on your rental account.

The phone number as it is listed on your rental account.

A packing list of all the “Rental books” being shipped back.

Ship to Address:

Wake Forest University Stores
1834 Wake Forest Road/Taylor Building
Winston Salem, North Carolina 27109

Preferred shipping Carriers (UPS, FedEx). Why? Because these carriers deliver to our back door without delays.

Please retain a copy of the tracking number for your reference purposes.

Book condition

All rental books received in resalable condition (i.e., free from damage) will be checked-in.

Any Rental book received damaged will not be checked-In. A Bookstore representative will contact you within a reasonable time if any part of your shipment is missing or received in less than resalable condition.

Selling back non-rental books

How can I sell back my Non Rental books for Cash? When possible, all buybacks should be conducted In-Store to receive the best opportunity for the most dollars.

Buyback can also be conducted remotely by accessing our Bookstore Website: https://www.bkstr.com/wakeforeststore/sell-textbooks

For questions:

Willie Williams
General Manager of Stores
336 758 3562



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