President’s Ball: Important Information

The following message was sent to students on September 13 from the Division of Campus Life:

Good Afternoon All,

I hope you are having an enjoyable homecoming week. This email is a reminder about the 7th Biennial President’s Ball happening this Friday, September 15th. A message went out yesterday from the President’s Ball Committee with a special video message from President Hatch about the event.

Some simple reminders for the ball that we ask you to think about:

  • The President’s Ball kicks off on Friday at 9:00 p.m. at the LJVM Coliseum. Free and safe bus transportation will be provided throughout the night starting  at 8:30 p.m. behind Poteat Residence Hall (Lot P). The buses will run continuously until the end of the event until all students are returned safely to campus.  Deacon Station and Gold and Black Line will also run a free shuttle service on a loop from Lot P to off-campus properties.

  • You must have your Wake Forest ID to enter the event!

  • There will be a bag check at the door. There is not a bag or coat check, so you are responsible for all personal belongings.

  • All attendees over 21 years of age that intend to purchase alcohol should be prepared to present one of the following: a valid driver’s license, North Carolina state identification, birth certificate or military identification. Your Wake Forest ID  will not be accepted as verification of age.

  • If you are bringing a guest to the event, please remember that you are responsible for their conduct.  Regardless of age, make sure your guest brings similar personal identification as listed above so they can be signed in.

  • All guests must sign in.

  • Be courteous to those working the event. Staff will be on hand to ensure that the spirit of Wake Forest is displayed in a festive and safe manner. This includes checking guests in, serving food and beverages, and managing the overall success of President’s Ball.

The President’s Ball Committee requests that you remember the importance of making sure you take care of yourselves and each other during events leading up to President’s Ball, as well as during and coming home from the Ball. Those who do drink should be encouraged to drink in moderation. Also remember your CUPS (Cold Skin, Unresponsive, Puking, Slow Breathing) as indicators that urgent medical assistance is needed for alcohol poisoning. Remember, Deacs Step Up, Deacs Speak Out, Deacs Take Action – Don’t Stand By.

Thank you and have a great Ball and a great weekend.

“Stay Classy Wake Forest”


The 2017 President’s Ball Committee


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