Welcome to the Fall Semester!

August 2016

We know that for parents and families, your students’ wellbeing is of the utmost importance and we want you to know that it is important to us too! Each month, we’ll post Wellbeing tips, tools, and resources, to help parents and families successfully navigate helping your students become the best version of themselves at Wake Forest, as well as give you peace of mind at home. Please leave a comment with questions or resources you’d like to see covered or what you liked about the blog! 

What is Thrive?

Led by the Office of Wellbeing, Thrive is the university-wide initiative focused on the health and wellbeing of the whole person. Our comprehensive wellbeing approach helps members of the Wake Forest University community create a life that is conducive to reaching their highest potential. Through Thrive, our campus addresses wellbeing through eight dimensions: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual.

Dimensions By the Month

Each month, we will focus on a specific dimension of wellbeing through a series of skills-based workshops and engaging programs. The themes of each month for the fall are:

Keep a look out for more information on the events during each month to share with your student!

WFU Certified Peer Educator Program

Is your student interested in receiving training, and becoming nationally-certified to conduct educational and outreach programs in several areas of wellbeing? Through the WFU Certified Peer Educator Program, students can become advocates and leaders in four priority areas: Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention, Mental Health, Nutrition and Mindful Eating, and Invisible Disability Awareness. Applications will open on August 26th.  A general meeting will be held September 9th (Benson 410) & 14th (Benson Pugh Auditorium) for students who have shown interest.  Encourage your student to partner with Thrive to help improve the wellbeing of our entire community. 

Thriving for Parents and Families

Having your student leave home for college is a big transition.  Our campus is here to support you and your student.  If this is your first time having your student leave the nest, Letting go: tips for parents of new college students contains great tips for how to successfully prepare your student as they make the transition to Wake Forest University this fall, as well as take care of yourself during this exciting and new adventure.

For those experienced parents and families of upperclassmen/women, The Best Advice That College Students Never Hear is a great resource for both you and your student on making the most out of their college experience. The article includes tips for thriving socially, intellectually, and occupationally that you should be sure to share with your Demon Deacon.