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Finishing the week strong

Happy Friday, Deac families! As we close out the week, wanted to share a few things with you:

Pitsgiving is coming! For our P’23 new families, Pitsgiving is one of our students’ beloved ...

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Marie Kondo your schedule and Thanksgiving options

If you compare the average level of Gen X or Baby Boomers’ activities while they were in college to the Millennial/Gen Y generations, I bet you will find that your children juggle way more ...

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Senior Fifth

It’s time for one of my least favorite posts of the year – Senior Fifth. For our longtime Daily Deac-ers, you may recall that each fall at the last home football game, some of our senior students ...

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Let it snow..??

Early this morning, it was raining and grey and generally gross. Our local weather was saying that with the impending arctic blast coming our way, there was a possibility of seeing snow flurries. ...

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Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day- and I want to say a special thank you to all the military families in the Daily Deacdom. My late P’92 dad was a Marine, and though he did not serve for more than a couple ...

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