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  • University to re-test emergency system 2/29
  • Spring sniffles
  • Spring Fever

It’s nearly 70 today (yay!) but gray and threatening to rain (boo!) but I have to admit it’s been nice to pull out lighter weight clothes. It is supposed to be cold tomorrow and Friday, then nearly 70 by Monday. NC weather can’t always make up it’s mind.

University to re-test emergency system 2/29

A message went out this morning about the emergency testing that will take place tomorrow (2/29). You can read it here.

Spring sniffles

Every spring, there are lots of smiles and ooh-ing and aah-ing from campus visitors when they see all the beautiful flowers and flowering trees starting to emerge. And they are right: spring is beautiful. But spring also tends to bring an abundance of pollen, which seems to be starting up now and will build through April, so it’s is not unusual to hear more sniffling and sneezing as you go about campus. If your Deac is an allergy sufferer, it might be time to remind them to take their allergy med of choice. 

Spring Fever

With many students involved in midterms or other tests and papers right now, and Spring Break around the corner, I suspect that folks have a case of Spring Fever. I know I do. When your workload is heavy, as it likely is for your Deacs right now, it’s natural to want to look ahead to that well-earned Spring Break.

If your Deacs are coming home for the break, prepare to climb Laundry Mountain 🙂 and don’t be surprised if the want to sleep a lot. And if they are going someplace else – perhaps to a friend’s house, or to the beach, etc. – maybe slide them a little extra spending $ if you can. I know they will appreciate it.

I’m looking forward to having my ’27 home for his Spring Break (the same week as Wake’s break, so I may have fewer Daily Deacs that week), and then we are getting a new puppy right afterwards. So I am anxious for the time to pass quickly too 🙂

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