Happy Family Weekend!

Today’s Daily Deac is a pre-post because of Family Weekend, but we are sharing the following late breaking Community Safety Advisory up front:

Be aware of fraudulent phone calls to families

Wake Forest University Police has received information regarding a fraud scheme in which individuals claiming to be law enforcement officers or others involved with the criminal justice system are targeting WFU families of student-athletes. The caller tells a parent or family member that their student has been detained and money must be sent using Venmo or a similar app for the student to be released.

If you receive a call, text or email from someone who requests that you send money to resolve an issue, the story can be compelling. Do not send money. Law enforcement agencies will never ask you for money over the phone. Read more.

In this Issue:

  • For Family Weekend and other questions
  • Plan for the weather
  • Beyond the rankings
  • Yom Kippur

For Family Weekend and other questions

It’s finally here! Family Weekend has arrived – and as such, much of our staff is deployed with Family Weekend events (and thus not able to be at our phones or inboxes the way we normally would).

If you have questions about Family Weekend, there is a wealth of information on the Family Weekend website, including a FAQ. If your answers are not found there, there will be staff working in the Benson Center for registration and any of us will be happy to assist you.

For non-Family Weekend questions, you may want to refer to the Who to Contact for… website. (If you try to email parents@wfu.edu or the Office of Family Engagement, there may be a delay in the reply because of all the activities taking place. Thank you in advance for your patience.)

Plan for the weather

Much as I had hoped that all my wishes for sun would result in a better forecast, it looks like Saturday will be rainy at least part of the time. Be sure you dress appropriately and have the right gear with you.

For those going to the football game on Saturday, you’ll want to see the Know Before You Go athletics website so you have all the pertinent details.

Beyond the rankings

One question that a parent had sent to me following the U.S. News rankings release was what about students applying to graduate schools (such as med schools) and what would their perceptions of Wake Forest students be? Andy Chan, vice president of innovation and career development, shared in a recent interview with the Old Gold & Black that “I think that what happens is that employers themselves and graduate schools don’t really look at rankings because they use their own criteria to measure the quality of the candidates, not based on what some media outlet is telling you is good or not.” Read more.

Yom Kippur

For those families who will be observing Yom Kippur beginning on Sunday, we wish you G’mar chatima tovah.

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