In this Issue:

  • Test of emergency systems May 23-26
  • Upcoming network upgrade tonight that may briefly impact connectivity
  • Construction projects in the ZSR Library (including new café)
  • Message for new and transfer students
  • New families: plan to join us for a Virtual New Student Reception on June 27 or July 17

While it feels to many of us like our students just left campus, today is the start of Summer Session I, which means some students are moving back on to campus and getting ready to start classes. Here’s a few things to know today:

Test of emergency systems May 23-26

For Deacs here for Summer Session I, they will want to note that starting tomorrow, we will be doing tests of our emergency notification systems to ensure that they are operating properly. Your Deacs can read the details of which buildings are being tested on which days here, but they should know that the testing will be conducted between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. So do not be surprised or alarmed when those alarms are tested.

Upcoming network upgrade tonight that may briefly impact connectivity

The Office of Residence Life and Housing sent this message to resident students about an upcoming network upgrade, which may result in a brief disruption in Wireless and Wired Network connectivity. Between 2:00 a.m. – 4:00 a.m. on May 23, Information Systems will be performing Wireless and Wired Network maintenance. During this time Wireless and Wired Network services, specifically within Angelou, Collins, and Luter residence halls, may experience intermittent interruptions.

Construction projects in the ZSR Library (including new café)

Summertime on any college campus means time for lots of construction and building projects, and the ZSR is no exception. From a meeting the other day, staff of ZSR shared that the elevator in the Reynolds wing is being replaced, so it will not be operational for much of the summer. (They have a second elevator, less centrally located,that will get folks to all floors except level 1.)

The Library Services Desk on the main level is also being replaced. Their Services “desk” will be centered in the Atrium for the duration of the construction. The construction will hopefully be completed around the first week in August.

They will also be introducing a new café opening in the space that Camino Bakery occupied:

“Our exclusive partnership with Camino has come to a conclusion. We are excited to announce that our new cafe will provide coffee and pastry offerings from well-known local Winston Salem and surrounding community companies; such as ByGood Coffee, Bobby Boy Bakeshop, Neomonde Bakery, Lenny Boy Brewing Co., Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Vernon Produce, Village Juice & Kitchen, NataBelle’s Desserts and others that may become available throughout the year. New name launch will occur before the fall semester begins.”

You can read more about these projects on the ZSR website.

Message for new and transfer students

Throughout the summer, my esteemed colleague Dr. Cherise James is sending messages to our new and transfer students, typically on Mondays. A message went out to them today; your new students can read it here. The archive of past messages to new students is here.

I will be sending our new and transfer families a message each Tuesday during the summer, so stay tuned for that tomorrow. And speaking of new families…

New families: plan to join us for a Virtual New Student Reception on June 27 or July 17

I was at a meeting today to discuss our Virtual New Student Receptions, and I really want to encourage our new students and their families to join us for one if they can. We’ll be sharing some helpful advice from both current students and administrators during these sessions on how your students can get their best start at Wake, as well as how families can best support their students.

We ask families and students to register in advance so we can get the web link to you prior to the event:

Of course, if an in-person reception is available in your area (or where you might be going on business or vacation), please sign up for one.

Whether your student is home this summer, working an internship, going to Summer Session here, or even finishing up their senior year of high school, we wish them a great week – and you too, families!

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