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  • Today is a Meet A Deac staff profile

This is our final Meet A Deac profile of this semester. Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to a colleague from Campus Recreation, Noah Mass. Noah Mass of Campus Recreation

Noah, thanks for agreeing to do a Meet A Deac with me. To get us started, please give me your title and how long you’ve worked at Wake. My title is Coordinator of Sport Programs, within the department of Campus Recreation. I have worked at Wake for a year and a few months.

Can you share a bit about your educational background? I graduated from the Illustrious North Carolina Central University with a BS in Sports Management. I received my Masters Degree from Georgia Southern University in Professional Communication and Leadership.

In laypersons terms, how would you describe your job? I oversee our club sports programs. That includes things like helping them administratively and making sure things run smoothly.

What would you like people to know about your job and your department? I would like people to know that club sports is for everyone and is a great way to connect with campus. My department does everything it can to be welcoming; we want people to use our facility for more than just working out or shooting a basketball. So I’d like everyone to know that we are here for our Wake Forest community and we’d love to help develop students’ sense of belonging at the university.

Is it too soon in your time at Wake for me to ask what you like best about working here?  No, that’s an easy question. I like that we are a small campus community. I can pick up the phone and call the people I need to talk to in order to accomplish anything.

What advice would you give to parents and families if they asked? You have done a great job raising your student/young adult. Allow them to make mistakes and learn grow from them.

And your advice to students? I would tell students that you are here for a reason. Enjoy your time here in college and be patient, the things that are meant for you will happen.

What’s your favorite place on campus? I am biased toward the Wellbeing Center 🙂 . It is the building I am in all the time. I also truly love sports and being around sports things. An exterior view of historic Reynolds Gym and the Sutton Center, on the campus of Wake Forest University, Thursday, September 26, 2019.

Time for the bonus questions!

Book(s) you’re reading now, and/or podcasts you are listening to: I am more of a podcast guy. My favorite podcast is called The Pivot. I mainly listen to sports podcasts. logo for The Pivot podcast

Favorite band/musician: My favorite genre of music is Hip Hop. And my favorite musician is Drake. musician Drake

TV/movies/Netflix you love: Favorite movies are Bad Boys II and Remember The Titans. The TV show I am in love with right now is Game of Thrones. Bad Boys II movie poster

Website(s) you frequent: I am on ESPN daily.

Introvert or extrovert? Both introvert and extrovert; it depends on the situation. I have moments where I want to talk to people and be around a bunch of friends and I also have moments where I’d rather not.

What brings you joy? What brings me the most joy is my girlfriend and my dog. Seeing those two happy makes my day. I also love college basketball. Actually I am joyful watching pretty much any college basketball game! WFU basketball game

Something most people don’t know about you..? I love to travel. I’ve been to 15 different countries; my goal is to get to 50 in my lifetime. I also officiate High School Basketball, Volleyball, and Women’s Lacrosse.

Many thanks to you, Noah, for being this week’s Meet A Deac, and for all you do for Campus Rec and the larger campus community.

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