For the second day in a row, we woke up to frost on the ground and very chilly temperatures (it was 30 degrees at 7:30 am when I left the house). I have several news items for y’all today:

Yesterday afternoon, President Wente gave her annual Presidential Address. You can watch her speech or read it here. She spoke about the Strategic Framework process we have been undergoing, three thematic goals that have emerged from that process, both of which will help lead us to who Wake Forest wants to be in our journey to our third century, which will begin in 2034. It was a very interesting and informative address, and I hope you will watch it or read it when you have a chance.

My colleagues on the News team have a great wrap up of the student Face to Face event with Thomas Friedman earlier in the week. Here’s a taste:

“Friedman fielded questions on politics, the obligations developed countries have to developing countries regarding climate change (to create the next generation of clean, green technology and make it accessible and affordable) and the global rise of unhappiness as reported in a recent Gallup poll.

Though we spent the night discussing serious topics – chaotic midterm elections, the war in Ukraine, energy shortages – Mr. Friedman ended the conversation on a hopeful note. How do we solve the global unhappiness trend? ‘Be a deep listener and be kind,’ said junior politics major Cate Pitterle.”

You can also see highlights of University media coverage at WFU in the News: Nov. 7-13.

We know that many students are preparing to go home for the Thanksgiving holiday. The Office of Residence Life and Housing sent this message reminding resident students of preparations they need to make in their room before they leave for Thanksgiving and to prepare for room inspections. In addition, resident students are asked to complete a form to indicate whether they are leaving campus for Thanksgiving or staying on campus for the break. Please be sure your students complete the form in the email.

Since it is the weekend and students would have time to plan, I also want to remind families of students staying on campus for Thanksgiving to check out the Thanksgiving Hours of Service for campus dining, shuttles, university stores, mail services, building hours, and more. Be sure to know which dining venues are open when, and plan ahead for meals as needed (note: all dining locations will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24).

This week’s issue of WFU Should Know was sent to students yesterday. P’23 families may want to take special note of the item reminding seniors to apply to graduate as well as an item on how seniors can nominate Commencement speakers. P’26 families should note that on Wednesday of this week, our ’26s were emailed a brief, five-question survey designed to provide insights into how we can best support students, particularly during their first year at Wake Forest. The data from this survey will help us understand first-year students’ needs and learn how we can continue to cultivate a caring community in which they can thrive. Please encourage your Class of 2026 Deacs to take the survey, which will be open until Nov. 27. 

Because it is Friday (and especially because we know some students may try to participate in Senior Fifth), I especially encourage you to call your Deacs this afternoon or early evening and spend some time chatting with them. Here’s a reminder as to why Friday is a great time to connect.

Have a great weekend, Daily Deacdom!

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