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I am out of the office today, so this is a pre-post

Happy LDOC (Last Day of Class). Hard to believe the semester is quickly coming to an end. Finals are looming and are at the top of students minds (that, and the ACC Championship game!)

Knowing that time on campus is short, here are a few suggestions of things your Deacs might like to do in their remaining days in Winston-Salem.

Spend meaningful time with their friends. Winter break is about a month long, and your Deacs will miss their friends. So agree to take a short study break and so something meaningful together – whether that is to have a meal, exchange a small gift or a card, drive to see holiday lights around town or at the Tanglewood Festival of Lights, etc. Do something fun together.

Say thank you to people on campus who are important to you. That barista at Camino who always gets your drink order just so? The staff member who always greets you with a smile and a few kind words? The person at the Bridge who hooked you up with a loaner computer when yours crashed? The faculty member whose class you just love? Tell them how much you appreciate them.

Take a walk. A walk is great for a lot of reasons: we all need to move our bodies a little bit each day. Walking in nature is a great stress reliever. Plus, campus – and our surrounding area – is beautiful! It’s a short walk to Reynolda Village and Reynolda Gardens, so that is a great way to take a quiet, easy, contemplative study break.

Treat yourself. There are local goodies your Deacs enjoy here that they can’t get at home. Have that big Camino Bakery cinnamon roll one more time. Get an order of delicious May Way dumplings (trust me, get them!). Your Deacs will have favorites that they’ll miss for the next month – so enjoy them during this last week on campus.

Keep things in perspective. Finals can be anxiety-provoking for all students, but particularly first-year students, and everyone wants to get an A. How students perform on an individual test (or even in a whole semester) will not set their course in life forever (you might need to remind them of that!) All we can do is our best, and then let it rest.

Wishing all our Deacs the best as they prepare for finals! And a great big GO DEACS! for the big game tomorrow 🙂

EDITOR’S NOTE: in addition to today’s pre-posted content, the following end-of-semester message was sent from President Wente to students, faculty, and staff. We wanted you to see it here as well.

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)


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