The Hope Letter

Quick program note: for our P’24s, our Town Hall will be this Sunday evening at 7 pm Eastern. There is no pre-registration required. We will email a link to the Town Hall to all P’24s before the event, and you can also bookmark it here.

Juniors received a message late today with an update about housing selection; read it here.

On Monday of this week, I wrote about The Worry Letter that F. Scott Fitzgerald had written to his daughter. Today, I want to give you some homework for between now and the start of school: write your student a Hope Letter.

What is the Hope Letter? It’s you sharing what your hopes are for the coming year. So think about what matters to you, what your aspirations are, and share those with your student before they leave for campus.

To help, we have a template here for you 🙂

Dear [name of your Deac],

As you get ready to start the year at Wake, I/we want to share a few of my/our hopes for you.

I/we hope you experience [fill in].

I/we hope you learn [fill in].

I/we hope you love [fill in].

I/we hope you never forget [fill in].

I/we challenge you to [fill in].

Don’t worry about [fill in].

Always remember that [fill in].

I/we love you, am/are proud of you, and have every confidence that you are going to have a great year.


[your name(s)]

PS – I/we hope it goes without saying, but I/we hope (and expect) you to wear a mask, observe social distance, and use good handwashing and cough/sneeze etiquette to help keep campus safe.


— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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