Great updates on dining

Late yesterday I got word that Wake Forest Dining had released its fall dining plan via their website. It is a very comprehensive look at their operations, including safety and cleaning, physical distancing, etc.

But it also has some great new enhancements, including online ordering via Grubhub. This will be especially attractive because it would allow students who have limited time between classes to have a meal ready and waiting for them (no lines in the Pit!) They also announced we will have Good Uncle, which is a premier meal delivery service. It’s a website worth a real dig into, so hope you will check it out.

Couple of emails coming out: I am told that ’24 students will be receiving additional information about registration tomorrow, and they got a message from Information Systems today about their electronic accounts, which is important that they read. Sophomores through seniors will be receiving a final update from Residence Life and Housing about housing selection. So your Deacs will will want to keep their eye on their WFU email for that.

In terms of housing, want to put in my annual plug about kindness during room selection. Every year, there are groups of upperclass students (sophomores-seniors) who form a roommate group, agreeing in principle that they want to live together and thus plan accordingly…and then the planets align unexpectedly and the person with the best lottery draw finds out there is a single and grabs it (leaving roommate/suitemates in the lurch), or they had a group of 8 but only 6-person options are left, so the roommate group leader takes it and leaves two people out. Those things can cause hurt feelings and a lot of stress.

So for our sophomores through seniors who are in roommate groups, please think about how you might handle those sorts of situations before they arise, because it can be terrible to count on a roommate group and then find someone did a switcharoo at the last minute.


— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)



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