Call Center is reopening

Want to make you aware that our Call Center is reopening.  Following our July 14 update, which contained a LOT of information, our administrative offices have been fielding a high number of calls.

We want to make sure we devote as much time as needed in talking to students so we can be sure they are set up for success this fall. So we are kindly asking that parents and families first direct questions to the Call Center (336.758.7500), rather than having you call administrative offices. You can also submit questions or feedback online

We’ll run the Call Center (336.758.7500) from 11 am-3 pm Eastern today and tomorrow from 10 am-3 pm. We’re still working on what the volume is and our needs for next week; we’ll announce additional hours for next week on and in the Daily Deac.

Thanks for your understanding!


— by Betsy Chapman

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