Updates on a couple of key tasks

Today’s Daily Deac will be about a couple of the practical, tactical items related to healthcare.

There has been a little confusion with P’24s and the Health Information and Immunization Form given the situation with COVID. The most critical thing is that we need to get the Health Information and Immunization Form completed and returned. While we certainly recommend that students have a physical examination before coming to college, if your student’s physician can complete the Health Information and Immunization Form without a formal exam (page 5), that is OK.

The date to submit the form is July 1st, and we want as many P’24 families as possible to return the form by that date. However, given COVID, if you have to get the form in after July 1st, we will work with you. We just ask that you get the form in as soon as you possibly can.

This next one is a reminder for ALL families, not just the P’24s. Every year, you need to complete a Health Insurance Waiver/Enrollment form. The waiver/enrollment page says it is not open yet, but bookmark it or add it to your calendar because you will need to return to it starting July 1st and complete a waiver (or enroll). The Student Insurance info page has more info.

Even if your Deac is covered under their own insurance plan or a parent/family member’s plan, you still must go through the waiver process every year or else you will be billed for insurance. You can see more about what meets the WFU criteria here. If your insurance does not meet WFU criteria, you can enroll in the Student Blue plan.

Please set your calendars now for July 1 and take care of either waiving or enrolling in insurance 🙂

EDITED TO ADD: Just before deadline for posting the blog, the campus community received an update from Dr. Hatch on the President’s Commission for Race, Equity, and Community; read it here.

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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