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Happy Monday, Daily Deac-ers! Hope you are safe and well wherever you are.

One of the things that has gotten me through the isolation of being at home and not being able to move about much has been listening to podcasts and reading books. And I thought it might be fun for you, our readers, to share the books and podcasts that you’ve loved. It may open up some new ideas for other folks who are looking for new material to help pass the time.

So if you want to participate in some crowdsourced wisdom, take a moment to fill out this form. You can list up to 3 books and 3 podcasts. It will be helpful if you can give a brief mention of subject or a description of the content, just so other people will have a sense if they might enjoy that content.

My plan is that if we get a lot of responses, I will share them here in a future Daily Deac. Maybe we’ll branch out into movies and TV too if this goes well, who knows?

Onto other fronts, we are still looking for our students to complete their COVID-19 Health and Wellbeing Survey, so please urge them to do that at their earliest convenience.students should look to their inbox for the COVID-19 Health and Wellbeing survey students should look to their inbox for the COVID-19 Health and Wellbeing survey

We’ll close today with a little throwback to a past post. Right now, the magnolia trees in Winston-Salem are in bloom. The scent of a magnolia is heady, strong, and quintessentially Southern. Once your Deacs graduate and move away to Life After Wake Forest, some of the smells that will forever evoke Wake Forest will be the smell of magnolias, or of tobacco curing (from the cigarette plants nearby). I always joke that I wish there was Smellovision so you could smell the magnolias right now. You must trust me when I say they are magnificent. Read more here.

A magnolia blooms on the campus of Wake Forest University, Saturday, May 25, 2019.

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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