Move Out

I had the opportunity to be on campus this weekend for four hours on Saturday to help check in students/families who were coming back to move out of their residence halls. Though families who moved out during the week last week had cold rain, Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, muggy even. Many thanks to all our students and families who were wearing their cloth face coverings and practiced social distancing.

I took this picture of the view from the University Parkway entrance of campus looking towards the Quad. Later that night when I was still on campus, there was a great rainstorm, but a rainbow came out after it. I had been away from campus for so long, and it felt really great to be back there. The rainbow was the cherry on top of the sundae.

Move out 5/23/20rainbow over Faculty Drive

Wanted to make you aware that the call center is operating on a reduced schedule, only during times of major University communications. The next communication is set to go out on 5/28 (which will go to parents and families of undergraduate students about refunds of additional fees) and then 6/1 (which goes out to undergraduate students about their specific refund as applicable). The Call Center will accordingly be open 5/28 and 5/29 and 6/1-4 from 10 am-2 pm Eastern at (336) 758-7500. We anticipate reopening the call center following the June 30th update. When the call center is not operating, use our online form for questions.

Stay safe and well, Deac families!


— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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