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In a normal semester, as we approach LDOC (Last Day of Class), we know students start to feel the pinch of impending finals. Add the anxiety that remote learning and COVID-19 brings, and those feelings might be exacerbated. This is where YOU come in, Daily Deacdom! Our good friends in the ZSR Library are once again collecting Words of Encouragement that they will share with students during finals week. Please consider taking a few moments to leave a word of encouragement. Your words might be the thing that helps a student have a better finals week!

There was a really interesting story last week about some interdisciplinary work done by poet-in-residence and associate professor of English in creative writing, Amy Catanzano. Though she is a poet, she is featured on the cover of the online Symmetry magazine, which is about particle physics. Symmetry’s article notes that “Catanzano is an unusual poet. She has developed and practices a theory of poetry called ‘quantum poetics’ in which she explores poetry in parallel with particle physics, astrophysics and quantum theory.” You can read the full article here. I love seeing examples of innovative research and practice, and the blending of poetry and physics is definitely that.

In my blog yesterday on resources, I should have included the newly-redesigned OPCD website, which was quickly adapted to the significant changes occurring with recruiting, interviewing, job/internship/grad school searching, and more. Here’s what my OPCD contacts tell me:

In order to provide students with the most relevant information and resources during this time, we have created a new homepage that directly addresses the needs of students. Aimed at answering the question of “What should I do next?” students can visit opcd.wfu.edu to find valuable resources to help mitigate the stress that may be occurring right now. Students will find:

Step-by-steps guides on how to handle everything from cancelled internships, to finding a new internship or job, to navigating graduate school applications. The OPCD provides clear action steps on what your student can do based on the scenario they choose.

Up-to-date labor market information on what’s going on with employers, including: weekly videos, real-time news on who is hiring and who isn’t, and more.

New ways to connect with a Career Coach from near or far. Our Career Coaches are ready to assist students however they are comfortable doing so. Quick links to daily virtual office hours, how to schedule an appointment, and ways to get your resume reviewed can be found on the new site.

Career-related resources to help maximize student preparation with industry & job research, resumes, cover letters, linkedin profiles, networking, and interviewing.

Upcoming virtual events that students are able to participate in. Past events included an insider’s view of what it’s like to work at companies like Bain & Company, Bank of America, Facebook, Gartner, PepsiCo, Target, Tesla, and more.  Students also hear directly from recruiters about how their recruiting/hiring process works.

Recommended readings and webinars from top experts that offer timely insights, perspective and advice on how to best manage career next steps especially during challenging and uncertain times.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of all the resources the OPCD has to offer. Should they have any questions while on the site, they can use a new chat feature and have their questions answered in real-time!

That’s all the news that’s fit to print, friends. As always, please be well 🙂

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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