It’s a surreally beautiful today, y’all

Mag Quad on 3/20/20

I don’t know that I have ever started the Daily Deac with a picture, but I was on campus today taking some pictures and the sky here struck me as so beautiful that I wanted you all to see it.

It is hard to believe that on a day as beautiful as today, there is this unseen looming menace called COVID-19. Today is warm – close to 80. A wonderful breeze. Sunny. Flowers are blooming in flowerbeds everywhere and our prettiest trees are in bloom too.

On a normal Friday like this, there would be students in t-shirts and shorts peppered across the many tables and benches and lawns on campus. If it were close to 5 pm, the Quad would be active. Frisbees and dogs and people on blankets and music piping gently from open residence hall windows.

Friday as it gets dark, the air gets more electric. You can almost feel a vibe in the air of excitement and a hint of the, ahem, twentysomething shenanigans that might come later. Makes me think of the old line from Duran Duran’s Rio: “you make me feel alive, alive, ALIVE.”

But here we are instead. It’s undeniably beautiful, still, but quiet. Somber even.

Here are the pictures I took from campus today. May they bring you a little peace in the midst of a crazy time.

This week feels like it has lasted months, so it’s good that we’ve reached the weekend and people can redirect and refocus. As always, keep your eyes on the coronavirus website. Conditions can change rapidly, so that is your best place to look for new information. And know we are trying to bring news to you as fast as we get it.

Most importantly, know all of us at Wake care for you and your Deacs and we want you to all stay safe and be healthy. We have been fortunate this week to hear from families all over the US and those abroad too (special thanks to our families from the China, Colombia, and the UK who have reached out in recent days). Whether we have explicity connected with your family or not, know we offer everyone in the Daily Deacdom the same wish: Be Safe.

Wait Chapel 3/20/20 Wellbeing Center 3/20/20 Quad residence halls 3/20/20 trees behind Wait Chapel 3/20/20 trees behind Wait Chapel 3/20/20 Wait Chapel 3/20/20 Farrell Hall 3/20/20 Magnolia and Dogwood 3/20/20 the Arch 3/20/20 tulips outside Scales 3/20/20 Wait Chapel 3/20/20

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)




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