Happy FDORDOCM (First Day of Remote Delivery of Course Material) – or classes are back in session! This is no doubt a good thing for our Deacs, so they can get back in a routine and have some things to occupy their minds.

Late Friday and over the weekend there were a number of messages that went out to campus: families of students living on campus; families of seniors and students approved to live off campus; students on campus. Please read any that apply to you and your Deac.

One of the important takeaways from these messages are that students still living in Winston-Salem should strongly consider returning to a place of permanent residence. Students in Winston-Salem are strongly encouraged to consider making immediate plans to return home before anticipated travel restrictions go into place.

There was also a message to students from Michele Gillespie, Dean of the College about academics. There have been some questions about the Pass/Fail option, and the Dean’s Office is working on a detailed FAQ about Pass/Fail. In the interim, the answer to the most-asked question is “Pass/Fail courses are not computed in the student’s GPA.” We are updating our coronavirus FAQ and will add more info as we have it.

There is one final Letters So Dear for the Class of ’23. Read it here.

That’s the news, now let’s move to something more fun. I snap the occasional picture and share them here in the Daily Deac, but my pics are garbage compared to the beauty and artistry of what my extremely talented colleague Ken Bennett provides.

Ken and a student photographer, Riley Harriman (’22) did a terrific story over Spring Break about a biology class that went to Florida for birdwatching. It’s a compelling story and some great photos; read more. Enjoy.


— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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