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It’s a grey Monday here on campus, but at least there is no snow. The little bit we got last Thursday afternoon and evening was essentially gone by midday Friday, and was maybe an inch at best.

In another couple of weeks it will be Spring Break. While many (most?) of our Deacs might be traveling that week, others will remain on campus. Deacon Dining has published its Spring Break hours of service (here). For Deacs who will stay here, they should note this schedule and plan ahead so they know what is open (and when).

Current students (’21, ’22, ’23s) will receive their 2020-21 housing lottery time today. Particularly for first-year students who may need help understanding the housing selection process, I would urge them to take advantage of the March 4th educational sessions sponsored by RL&H.

Also want to make my annual plea about room selection: every year, there are groups of students (either in pairs or larger groups) who agree in principle that they want to live together and plan accordingly…and then the planets align unexpectedly and the person with the best lottery draw finds out there is a single and grabs it (leaving roommate/suitemates in the lurch). Students should think about how they might handle those sorts of situations before they arise, because it can be terrible to count on a roommate or the person with the best lottery number and then find out they do a switcharoo at the last minute.

Today’s Letters So Dear for the Class of ’23 has a great message to it: what do you do when the major you thought you wanted turns out to be something you really don’t like? Our student author has a wonderful perspective on changing directions and why that can be the best thing possible. Read it here.

Closing out today’s news, a message was sent to parents and families of students studying in the WFU Venice/Casa Artom program. Read it here. I know firsthand that the University and Crisis Management Team continue to carefully monitor this situation. And speaking of foreign travel, I received a great set of pics for Where In the World Are Wake Foresters? where you are someplace fun and in WF gear. This is from Riley Mistrot (’19) and a big GO DEACS! written on the black beaches of Iceland.

As a reminder, send us your Where In the World pictures – whether it’s from your backyard picnic, volunteer gig, or a great vacation. You can reply to this email and attach your picture. Please let me know how to recognize you (by name, as “P’23” or “Deac mom, etc.) and if your Deac is in the pic, let me know we have their approval to use it.

GO DEACS in the black sand of Icelan Riley Mistrot ('19) in Iceland

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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