Resilience is a critical skill for all of us to have. We all will suffer losses, failures, disappointments. In college, those can come in many flavors: bad test/paper grade, roommate conflict, loss of a romantic relationship, didn’t get into the Greek org/student org/internship they wanted, intended major no longer an option, etc. Knowing it is normal to have disappointments and losses, we all must have the ability to bounce back in those moments of setback.

For many of us, when something goes wrong, we seek external validation for our hurt feelings – we call mom or dad or a loved one, we post on social media about the issue knowing we will get a lot of ‘likes’ or affirming messages. But an important part of college student development is moving past having others validate you – and instead finding your own internal validation and reassurance.

Happily, the Thrive team is here to help your students build their resilience skills. A new Resilience Workshop Series is being piloted and is now open for registration. This is a cohort style workshop series – participants are expected to attend 4 sessions at the same time each week for 4 weeks in a row. There is currently a February option, and there will be another one in March.

If you think your student would be interested in enhancing their resilience skills, they can find more information and a link to registration here:


— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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