Couple of start-of-semester thoughts

Happy New Year, Deac families! I am back in the office, but in a training class the next two days, so this is a pre-post.

Sorority recruitment is about to begin. Current sorority sisters (already in the group) arrive back today to prepare, and then the Potential New Members (who are looking to join a group) arrive tomorrow. While I had already given my unofficial advice before the break, I did find a couple of quotes on Instagram that might be worth sharing with your PNM Deacs.

sometimes NOT getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of lucknot every place you fit in is where you belong

Also found on the internet, a Facebook post meant for parents of younger children, but worth a look, particularly if you are a P’24. This is about practical, tactical skills your students need to learn to be successful once they are on their own at college. The more you can have your ’24 students do these (or older Deacs if they are not already skilled in this), the better off they will be.

If your Deac is still home with you, there are only a few days left before the semester begins. Bring on that second round of TLC, cooking their favorites, and spending quality time while you can. While it has been nice to be on break, we miss your students and will be happy to have them all back with us.


— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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