Fall Views

The fall leaves have been amazingly pretty. Today I am cruising through our outstanding photographer Ken Bennett’s archives and bringing you some of his best pics.

I am also sharing some fun facts I learned yesterday from a research collaboration by my colleagues Jim Coffey, Director of Landscaping Services, and Rob Daniels, Communications Research Analyst.

Between them, the 28 October Glory Red Maples on Hearn Plaza shed approximately 505,088 leaves every fall.

Staff members plant a new flower every 1 minute, 43 seconds campus-wide. (Assumes eight-hour work days and five days per week year-round. Total of 73,090 flowers planted in 2018-19.)

Staff members plant a new tree every two days campus-wide.

In 2018-19, crews placed 1,218,300 pounds of ice melt, repurposed mulch, fertilizer, lime and grass seed across campus. That’s about 122 pounds for every human inhabitant of the Forest (students, faculty, staff). OR, to put it another way: every work day, crews place more than two tons of repurposed mulch, fertilizer, lime and grass seed across the campus.

There are a bunch of events your students can tap into tonight, including:

a keynote speech for Native American Awareness Month

a philosophy forum entitled Aiming for Moral Mediocrity

info session for students who want to be Wake Forest Fellows

a Gentry lecture on Fermat’s Last Theorem (math)

Office of Civic and Community Engagement is sponsoring Get Connected: Food, Health, and Nutrition

Laser Cutter/Etcher workshop

And a Student Chamber Music concert

That was just me looking at one day of the Events Calendar. Your students can check it any day and find this kind of breadth and depth of options, and I hope they will. Finally, our South Campus residents got a message from Residence Life and Housing today.

fall leaves on campus fall leaves on campus fall leaves on campus fall leaves on campus

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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