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It is finally, finally, starting to feel like fall! Today the high is only in the upper 70s, and tomorrow is supposed to be mid-70s. (Yes, it will bump back up into the 80s, but we will enjoy this while we can.)

Speaking of enjoy, tomorrow night is the Secrest Artists Series – they will be hosting Take 6:

The most awarded vocal group in history (10 Grammy Awards, 10 Dove Awards, a Soul Train Award, and more) celebrates their 25th Anniversary!

With the popularity of televised vocal competitions such as the explosive a cappella show The Sing Off and the mania over singing driven comedy-dramas like Glee and Smash, Take 6 is the original torchbearer. Two major recent events reminded everyone of this as Take 6 triumphed among a gathering of stars including Celine Dion, Lionel Richie, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Nicks, Ne-Yo, and more. At Walmart’s 50th Anniversary celebration, Take 6 captivated the audience with their rendition of the Louis Armstrong hit, “What A Wonderful World.” Showing the global reach of this phenomenal group, Take 6 closed the show with Ladysmith Black Mambazo to a standing ovation! Two weeks later at the behest of legendary Producer Phil Ramone, Take 6 thrilled a sold-out audience at the Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards performing with and honoring legendary singer-songwriter Ben E. King on his classic “Stand By Me.” As a group that knows no musical bounds, they then brought the house down with their tribute to folk icon Woody Guthrie with “This Land Is Your Land.”

I hope your Deacs already reserved their tickets, because it appears to be sold out (tickets are free for students, but it appears that pre-registration was required to reserve them). If they did not prergister this time, hope they will act fast for the next big event.

Here’s a resource that requires no tickets. Wake Downtown has a great new website called 15 and Under that highlights local businesses and interesting places that are within a 15 minute walk from Wake Downtown. There are short blurbs and full stories with more info. I can speak to the deliciousness that is Camino Bakery (a favorite of the Daily Deac family) and recently tried Yamas, which is fabulous. If your Deacs are still discovering the downtown area, or you are going to be staying downtown at Family Weekend, this might be a helpful resource for you.

I had pre-written most of this post, but then had to edit to add two security matters. In yesterday’s Daily Deac, I referenced an email that went out to all families about the shot fired at the university-owned house. There was a glitch in the query we used to pull our parents/families crisis list, and it looks like a lot of P’23s were left off that communication by mistake. We figured that out overnight and corrected that query, so you will get any future messages of that nature.

Today there was a timely warning issued to students, faculty, and staff today about an alleged incidence of rape. You can read that here. Not every email that goes to students as an alert goes to parents and families, so wanted to review the process briefly:

We send crime alerts to parents and families in very specific circumstances, outlined at the bottom of this site. Yesterday, the crime alert was sent to parents and families because it involved a weapon, which is one of the prompts that would lead to an all-parent/family notification.

There are other events that could prompt a timely warning to students, but does not fall within the parameters of what gets sent to parents and families (such as today’s email about the timely warning of rape).

We know you might want to hear about all crime warnings, so there are three ways to do that:

1) Any time there is a campuswide email, our policy is to post it in the Daily Deac, so know you will see a link here.

2) Families can also sign up for Wake Alert crime alerts, which are sent once a day if any new alerts have been posted in the past 24 hours. The crime alerts go out at noon. So if a Wake Ready crime alert is posted to their website at 11 am on a Wednesday, families who sign up for Wake Ready crime alerts will get an email around noon on Wednesday. If the alert goes on Wake Ready’s website at 12:02 pm on Wednesday, families will get it at noon on Thursday. That’s just the way the system works, it only goes out once a day (same as the Daily Deac). Sign up for Wake Ready crime alerts is available here.

3) we also post all campuswide emails to our Family News page.

I would say anecdotally that while sometimes I cross-post things from Family News to our WFU Parents and Families Facebook page, do not look to our Facebook page for the most recent news or fullest set of answers – look to parents.wfu.edu (Family News or the Daily Deac) instead. On high-volume days with a lot of news and quickly moving pieces, I don’t always have time to go to Facebook. Hope that clarifies.



— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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