Open Room Change

Our thoughts sure are with the Deac families in the Bahamas and in the FL/GA/SC/NC coasts. Hurricane Dorian is no joke. We hope you are all safe and sound and that the storm dissolves quickly.

It’s a hot one here in W-S: high 80s-low 90s most of this week, except Thursday is looking a little cooler. The air is deceptively cool in the morning, but as you hit midday and the sun is full on, it really feels warm. Fall is still a ways away, it seems.

Today is the day Open Room Change begins. If your Deac is wanting to switch rooms (for whatever reason), they can submit a request (details here). This is for Deacs of all years. If this is important to your student, urge them to act quickly. Today is also the Student Involvement Fair (3:30-6 pm on the Mag Quad). Hopefully your Deacs will get out for it. Arrive and Thrive is tomorrow (Weds.) Be there, Deacs!

Also want to give a shoutout to our Mindful Wake efforts. I am currently taking a class taught by the Chaplain’s office called Koru Mindfulness, and it is great for anxiety-prone folks like me. There is a lot of research out there that suggests mindfulness can really benefit college students, and this Koru class was created with them in mind. There is a short book to read, The Mindful Twenty-Something, and then 4 brief classes to attend. Your Deacs can sign up here.

I read this in The Mindful Twenty-Something yesterday, and it sure hit home. As parents and loved ones, it hurts us to see our children make mistakes or fail in something, but the benefits they reap from those lessons are endless. Here’s a story about a young person trying to become their best self:

“Young student: Wise teacher, what is the secret to happiness?

Wise teacher: Good choices.

Young student: How do I learn to make good choices?

Wise teacher: Wisdom

Young student: How do I develop wisdom?

Wise teacher: Bad choices.”

— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94




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