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Members of the Wake Forest community run laps around Hearn Plaza to raise money for the Brian Piccolo Fund for cancer research on Thursday, October 4, 2018.We are almost at one of my very favorite events of the year – Hit the Bricks. Hit the Bricks is an 8 hour relay race that raises money for the Brian Piccolo Research Fund (remember the movie Brian’s Song? Brian Piccolo was a Wake Forest football player who went on to play with the Chicago Bears and suffered an untimely death from cancer. Required viewing for all Wake Foresters). Hit the Bricks is this Thursday 9/26 from 11-7ish.

Before I try to capture Hit the Bricks in words, take one minute to watch this video of last year’s Hit the Bricks. Well worth your time.

Members of the Wake Forest community run laps around Hearn Plaza to raise money for the Brian Piccolo Fund for cancer research on Thursday, October 4, 2018.scanning your team ID card at Hit the BricksSo, what is Hit the Bricks? Groups form teams and try to make the most laps around the Quad. There is a big excitement when it first starts – crowded almost like running a 5K race. Each time around the Quad earns one lap, and you scan at a tent with each lap you make. You get 2 laps for wearing a backpack (which I think is full of sand. It is markedly heavier, I can tell you from personal experience).

Singing groups perform at Hit the Bricks Hit the Bricks leaderboardThroughout the day, there is music and pep rally type speeches from lots of the campus community. Student groups pack the grassy parts of the Quad to watch and cheer on the participants. Some have tents set up, and lawn chairs, and hydration stations for their team. It’s also a great day for friendly rivalry and bragging rights: some of the teams (both student and administrator) are pretty hardcore, and there is a lot of pride taken in which teams make the Top 10 every hour. There are some fun laps too – a lap in costume, a lap where your feet can’t touch the ground (some very creative ways people get around the Quad).

At 7 p.m. all participants are invited to make a final remembrance lap around the Quad to Final lap in honor of those who have fought or are fighting cancercommemorate family, friends, or loved ones impacted by cancer. Normally there are a couple of really moving speeches too.

Really and truly, this is one of the best and most uplifting days at Wake. I hope your Deacs will participate – whether walking or running, or just coming up to see what all the action is. A great community event where we all come together for a cause that affects so many.

It’s gonna be a hot one on Thursday – low 90s – so tell your Deacs to bring their refillable water bottle and stay hydrated. Hopefully you can check it out on the Quad Cam; you’ll probably have to look towards Wait Chapel (or catch a glimpse of the sidewalks through the trees).

Finally, there was a campuswide email that went out today about From the Ground Up, the Facilities and Campus Services special event on the Quad. Read it here.

— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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