One more sleep before Move-In!

For all our P’23s out there, this is the last night at home/in a hotel room with your new ’23 Deacs. Tomorrow is Move-In day!

A few thoughts on the day:

Be patient – with 1,300+ new students moving in on the same day, there will likely be times where you have to wait in line. You have all day to move in and get things set up. Don’t spoil the day by getting irritated with a wait.

Stay hydrated – bring your reusable water bottle and refill at the water stations available. Stay hydrated, and ask for help from any staff member (look for gold nametags) if you feel unwell.

Be diplomatic – you will most likely be meeting your student’s roommate and family sometime during Move-In. Let the students decide who gets which bed, who puts their things where, etc. Parents and family members will be happier if you stay out of those decisions. You don’t want to hamstring the relationship between roommates on day one if you strongly voice your opinions or lobby for things to be done a certain way.

Understand your student may act a little differently – they might be excited, or nervous, or try to put on a brave face with his/her new peers in an unfamiliar situation, or they may want to act independently in getting all the business of move-in taken care of.  Every student handles the hustle and bustle of Move-In differently. Be there with a supportive hug when needed, and let the student have their distance if they want it.

Honor the New Deac Week schedule. There will be activities for students only, and activities for parents and family members only. When your students are scheduled to attend an activity with their advising group or their hall, we expect them to be there. Please do not plan last minute dinners or other family gatherings during New Deac Week activities.

Have fun! Move-In is hot and sweaty (and likely multiple trips to Target) but this is the start of what we hope will be four of the best years of your student’s life. Your Deacs will remember this day – and you want them to remember you in a good mood, not short tempered. Celebrate. Be excited. Be goofy. You are making family memories now that will last a lifetime. And take lots of pictures. Your Deac will want to remember this day, and so will you.

Finally, our friends in Athletics have sent us some info on the ACC Network. If it isn’t part of your tv/cable package where you are, talk to your provider so you can be a part of WFU games from afar!

We are less than 10 days away from the launch of the ACC Network.  The first live event to broadcast on the network will be our women’s soccer match against Santa Clara on Wednesday, August 28 at 5:00 P.M.  Last week the ACC announced that Charter/Spectrum has come on board as a provider – a major announcement, as many of our Deacs subscribe to Charter/Spectrum.
However, many of you in some major markets are Comcast subscribers. As of today, they do not carry the ACC Network, which means you will miss many of our upcoming events including our Opening Night football game against Utah State on August 30. If you do not have the ACC Network, please demand it by visiting It does make a difference!

And a late addition from the Office of Academic Advising:

Students, parents and families will be encouraged to text WFU23 to 226787 (CAMPUS) for event-based weather-related updates during Move-In/ New Deac Week. 

— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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