A letter/postcard to your Deacs

Today is a homework assignment, Deac families: to write a letter or a postcard (real paper mail, not a text or an email) to your Deacs, and to mail it the day before they move in for the fall semester. Here is a template to help you (feel free to sub your own sections of course):

Dear [name of your Deac]

As you get ready to start the year at Wake, I/we want to share a few of my/our hopes for you.

I/we hope you experience [fill in].

I/we hope you learn [fill in].

I/we hope you love [fill in].

I/we hope you never forget [fill in].

I/we challenge you to [fill in].

Don’t worry about [fill in].

Always remember that [fill in].

We love you, are proud of you, and have every confidence that you are going to have a great year.


[your name(s)]

If you need a refresher on how to mail USPS mail to your Deacs, see our Mail Services page.

Words matter, and letters from your loved ones matter. Great letters are a lost art (like that of the mixtapes you’d make for your significant other – I’m showing my Gen Xness here :))

Get to it, Deac families. Your Deacs will love having a little sweet something from you in their PO Boxes a day or two after they arrive.


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94




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