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Another hot one here in the Dash. So just a few quick hits:

Around this time of year, we start getting questions from families who are trying to plan their Thanksgiving break or winter break travel. Before you buy plane tickets or make travel plans that are not changeable, please be sure to see the Academics, Calendar, and Breaks section of our FAQ. (There are other gems on our FAQ page too – so please feel free to use that as a starting place for questions).

A reminder that tuition is due on August 1st. If your Deac has not set you up as a third-party payer in DEAC, urge them to do so.

Speaking of tuition, there is an option for tuition insurance, which can help you recoup some of your tuition money in the event your student has an illness or accident that causes them to withdraw. As I say at New Student Receptions, I don’t have a dog in the fight about whether you get it or not, I just want families to know this exists so they can make the best decision for their personal situation.

Finally, I got this today from our Office of Academic Advising – this went out to our ’23s/incoming students:

“I’m excited to share that several of our Pre-Orientation programs have made the decision to extend their deadlines to accommodate more student participation.  As a pre-orientation participant, you have the opportunity to come to campus a few days before Move-In to meet other classmates in a smaller group setting around a shared experience, such as community service, marching band, social justice, religious life, and Wake Forest’s history and traditions.

With that said, the following programs have agreed to extend their deadline to Monday, July 22nd:

Go ahead and submit your application, I know you won’t regret attending one of our fabulous pre-orientation programs.”

I have heard many of my Campus Life colleagues tell me that the data shows that students who get involved early on campus (via pre-Orientation, by joining clubs once they arrive, etc.) tend to have a more satisfying start to their college career and feel more connected to campus and to their fellow students. If you are a P’23 and your Deac did not sign up for a pre-Orientation program, might be worth talking about one more time. Especially for introverts like me, having the opportunity to meet a smaller group of students – vs 1,300+ on Move-In day – can be quite appealing.

— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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