Finals continue

It’s a beautiful day at Wake today. Sunny and low 80s. I had a bunch of meetings in the center of campus today and saw some students (and parents/families) who looked like they were in the process of moving out – carrying bags and boxes.

In between meetings, I had a few minutes to take a seat in a public area. Not enough time for a true Five Senses post, but time enough to get a couple of Overheard Snippets of Conversation:

[student flags down two of their friends]: Let me hug you now before I go.

[two friends]: Wait – you’re leaving?

[student]: Yes, in like an hour.

[two friends]: [colorful expression of surprise]

A different duo of students talking about departure time: “I have to stay until Saturday because we have a group presentation. I have like a minute and a half of it to deliver, but I have to stay.

I suspect if I had the ability to sit and listen longer, I would have heard many similar stories. Right now, students are focused on finals, but also really aware of saying goodbye to their friends, who they hope to run into before they go, and so forth.

Finally, we got some news today that is important, so I need to draw everyone’s attention to a new thing for Commencement weekend this year: bag checks. You will want to read the full message here, but the gist of it is this:

“As part of Wake Forest’s security measures for commencement weekend events, any bags of any kind to be brought into Baccalaureate, hooding and commencement ceremony locations will be checked in advance….Wake Forest is encouraging everyone not to bring a bag, if possible, to the Baccalaureate, hooding or Commencement services.  Anyone bringing any kind of bag will have their bag checked before entering the venues for those events.”

So know that bags will be checked. While we will do all we can to help move bag checks along quickly and smoothly, factor in additional time to your travel plans as you consider when you arrive on campus. And consider not bringing bags if you can (it may well be easier).

— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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