Since I am out all week, we are featuring some things your Deac might want to check off his or her bucket list. Up today: indulge your inner child and swing on the swings on Davis Field.

Wake Forest student relaxes on a swing on Davis Field.There are a few swings at the big trees on Davis Field. If you are here on a weekend, you will find parents with littler kids swinging – but these are great for big kids too.

WDavis Field swinge all need a moment to indulge in our sense of play, and swinging is a great way to do that. Find a nice day and choose your moment, but take 10 minutes and sit down, pump your legs, and swing with abandon like you were a little kid.

Wake Forest student plays on a swing on Davis Field.I promise you, it feels good.


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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