Late Night Food Run & Deep Conversation

A final thought this week for our end-of-semester bucket list: have a deep conversation with friends over a late night food run.

Back in my time at Wake, we did this by going to Krispy Kreme around 11 at night, getting a dozen donuts, and then sitting there talking about Big Things. It could be about faith, or politics, or philosophy, or What Is Important In Life.

The fun was in hearing from different people and learning their different perspectives. It was not a conversation to prove that anyone was right or wrong – more about what do people believe, and why do they believe it.

That kind of philosophizing always seemed to go down well with donuts, or pizza – or in this day and age, maybe it is a late night Cook Out run. But going deep, beyond superficial conversation, to talk about what really matters.

You know this – and your Deacs don’t yet – but there will probably come a time in life where they wish they were free enough to have a midnight conversation with their besties, instead of thinking about what they need to do at the office tomorrow, or what the kids need, etc. So use this time now and make the most of it. [Spoken like the true old lady I am becoming!]

And a program note: classes are out tomorrow, so the Daily Deac will go dark too.¬†Wishing you a good long weekend, and we’ll be back to real-time blogging on Monday.


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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