Getting close now

Today is the day before LDOC (the Last Day of Classes). One more day of formal classes, and then it is off to the races towards final exams. Is it just me, or did the semester breeze by in a flash??

It is unseasonably warm today – mid 80s – and will be warm for much of this week and next. It was always very hard to concentrate on finals when the weather was so nice. Hopefully your Deacs will be able to stay on task.

Our good friends at the ZSR will have your Deacs covered with Wake the Library – which provides a space for them to study, access to endless coffee, and typically some stress-relievers too. They have already published the Wake the Library 11 pm free food menu:

Thursday, 5/2 – Chicken Biscuits

Friday, 5/3 – Wraps

Saturday, 5/4 – Burritos

Sunday, 5/5 – Pizza

Monday, 5/6 – Chicken Tenders

Tuesday, 5/7 – Subway

Wednesday, 5/8 – Chicken Biscuits

Thursday, 5/9 – Hot Dogs, Veggie Burgers, Grilled Cheese

In other news, we are coming to the end of an era. Ron Wellman, who has been our Athletic Director since 1992, is retiring tomorrow. He sent a really lovely email today about his time at Wake. Much has been written about Ron and his many successes, and I would not begin to do justice to his career by talking about his accomplishments here. The story I would tell about Ron is not about athletics at all, it is about the kind of person I have always known him to be.

When I started at Wake darn near 20 years ago, I remember running a couple of events where Ron was going to be speaking. Even though I was new to Wake and was a lower-level professional, Ron took the time to know my name, speak to me, and say thank you. Being a Division I Athletic Director is a Big Deal. A lot of other ADs might not take the time to know the little guy (or girl) on the totem pole, or use their valuable time to talk to them and be gracious. Ron always was. That told me more about his character and leadership than anything you can show on ESPN or in the box scores of a game.

Ron, we will miss you. Thank you for being a Deac for all these years.


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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