Wake N Shake

It’s the end of the week, and the big event of the weekend is Wake N Shake, the 12-hour dance marathon that raises money for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund. Tons of students are involved, and they have been busy fundraising and also organizing teams of dancers to cover the event.¬†Wake N Shake starts at noon on Saturday 3/23 and will run until midnight. This is a wonderful expression of our Pro Humanitate motto. Good luck to all the Wake N Shake-rs!

Yesterday, currently-enrolled students received an email about housing selection for next year. In case your Deacs missed it, view it here. I’d especially encourage current first year students (the ’22s) to watch the video about housing selection (there were previous videos for applying for housing, and creating your group, that students received earlier).

Also want to put in a plug for students to use good communications and collegiality in the housing process. Every year, I hear about students who had planned to room together (whether individually, or in a block of rooms, etc.) and then someone finds an empty single or gets pulled into a block by another friend group, and they take the new option – only to upset the dominoes for everyone else. Those are tough waters to navigate if your plans fall through.

Residence Life & Housing will also have a help desk open in Angelou hall during each day of housing selection, and that is often the best way for students to get help. Students should go to the help desk themselves to discuss their situation (not have parents call for them). Again, this helps students learn to navigate our system and helps them build their skills.

It’s Friday afternoon, so call your Deacs and talk to them (you know why) and remind them you love them. Have a great weekend, Daily Deacdom!


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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