Campus is finally seeing the beauty of spring begin. There are about a billion daffodils on campus – especially in the drive up the main entrance by the Byrum Welcome Center. And as you walk around campus, you might see crocus (crocii?), or creeping phlox, or tulips, and so many more beautiful flowers.

The trees are in bloom too. The prettiest (in my humble opinion) are the pink ones that are close to the Deacon Shop and in between Tribble and the Benson Center.

A good reminder that one of the best things your Deacs could do is take a nice walk around campus every day. Not a walk with a purpose (I’ll power walk for 45 minutes and burn 300 calories!) but a slow walk, an observant walk. Check out the trees, and the flowers. Walk behind the south side of campus and see all the houses on Faculty Drive, or take the path to Reynolda Village. Just a nice calming walk that allows them to just be with themselves and their thoughts.

Walks in nature bring peace and contentment. These are great building blocks for being in the best head space to do their best work and be happy.


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94


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